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Degenerate D.A.O. NFT Collection | 555 NFT’s Thats Built for Long Term NFT Investors

New NFT project on the Solana Blockchain, the Degenerate D.A.O. is making promises to break the mold and release a collection where the assets held are more important than the art as it appears.

With long-term goals in mind that support the financial success of their community, many aspects of the collection are worth looking out for throughout 2022.

What is the Degenerate D.A.O?

The Degenerate D.A.O is an NFT mint collection and community that believe in the power and utility of NFTs. They aim to remind the world of how useful NFTs are meant to be, as more than just a means of finding an avatar or profile picture.

They believe that the market has become flooded with pointless and derivative NFTs lately, and want to put utility front and center.

Degenerate D.A.O Story and Purpose

Degenerate D.A.O was started due to the dissatisfaction that the owner, King Degen, felt with NFTs becoming a fancy, expensive means of obtaining unique profile pictures, or of obtaining art or short-term benefits or giveaways, without actually having any depth to them beyond pretty images and community building.

King Degen wanted to create an NFT community that would support its members financially, where the funding and benefits are more valuable long-term and help to build security. The team’s purpose is to help build up people in the NFT and crypto spaces, both socially and financially.

NFT Project Roadmap

The team is currently in their building phase before their generation 1 release, where they are establishing their Twitter, Discord, and website presence, as well as across wider social media, while also publishing their roadmap, their art, and their whitelist. They also want to start building a strong community in this phase, while verifying their team via a 3rd party and getting their presence known on NFT calendar drop websites. Beyond this, there is set to be 3 further phases, with phase 2 set to be released before gen 1 is minted, phase 3 to begin after gen 1, and phase 4 before gen 2. Release dates for phases 2-4 are currently not available, but phase 2 is thought to begin at some point during early-mid 2022.

The first fund distribution is set to happen after the first drop of gen 1, as a $40,000 split between Staking Sol, physical land, Bluechip NFTs, and Split Funds. The second distribution will be after the second drop, where the figure will increase to over $100,000.


  • Launch Twitter
  • Launch Discord
  • Publish Version 1.0
  • Roadmap
  • Finalise Art
  • Publish Whitelist System
  • Launch Website
  • Publish Art
  • Publish Roadmap 1.1
  • Doxx/Verify Team with a 3rd Party
  • List on NFT Calender Sites
  • Build a Strong Community
  • Host AMA Pre-Mint


Released Before Gen 1 Mint


Released After Gen 1 Mint


Released Before Gen 2 Mint

NFT project Details, How many are there, and what are the features?

There are set to be 555 NFTs released in gen 1, in an 8-bit pixel design to allow the team to focus on the asset aspect of the project over the art. The art is said to contain images of skeletons, though no art has been officially released. 5 of these 555 tokens will be special 1-1 skeletons.

While 555 may seem like a small number for an NFT drop, especially one promising so much in fund distribution, this is intended to be small to help build trust and community, with fund contribution increasing throughout 2022, and completely met with the release of gen 2 at the end of the year.

Benefits and Giveaways for the Degenerate DAO Community

There is a range of incredible giveaways and benefits that are worth getting excited about for this community. Those who are lucky enough to mint a gen 1 skeleton token will be given 1.55 SOL when the drop sells out, which equates to a free mint of a Degenerate DAO token, and an extra 1 SOL.

There will be further giveaways at further points throughout the year as the community, fund, and roadmap progress.  Some giveaways have already started, including whitelist spots available for gen 1 and further Sol giveaways.

With physical land and space in the metaverse in the offering as future benefits of the collection, as well as stocks and shares, the offerings from this collection are varied and longer-lasting than the promise of event tickets or stream parties that are sometimes offered as other NFT collection perks.

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Those with the rare 1-1 skeletons will gain more benefits than others in the community, though the ratio between the two types of holders has not been shared publically yet.

The Team Behind the NFT project.

The team consists of owner King Degen who has been in the crypto and NFT space for years and wanted to make a special collection.

He is joined by a team of like-minded money makers and crypto gurus who are yet to be announced, but all of them believe in the same goals of making NFTs more useful again, rather than just decorative.

Mint Price, Release Dates, and Whitelists

The mint price for gen 1 is set at 0.55 SOL (equating to approximately $97 at the time of writing), to be released on their website, on MagicEden, and then on all the other popular  NFT sites. There will be 100 spaces available for the whitelist, which will mean pre-release minting opportunities at a discounted price, though further details and updates of this can be found on the Discord page for the community. Although there is no gen 1 mint release date yet, this is expected to be announced on 1st February 2022.

There are expected to be hidden traits found within gen 1 after the second drop is released, which are thought to include benefits such as 3 years’ worth of genuine passive income, NFT airdrops, and a range of subscription packages.

Overall, the Degenerate D.A.O is an exciting new opportunity for NFT investors, with a focus on building assets and wealth for long-term gain rather than the art of the NFTs, this is merely a fun bonus in addition. With such a long-term, stability-focused goal ahead of them, they are one of the collections that are most worthwhile investing in and getting excited about for 2022.


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