Decentraland Mana Price Prediction 2021 : MANA Jumps up by 115% Reaching $3 Dollars

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Decentraland’s MANA Coin has just reached a new peak of $3 Dollars up by upto 115% in the last 24 hours.

This crazy hike in the price of MANA Coin is directly an end result of Facebook’s Meta Announcement. Facebook’s transition into the new world of Metaverse and it’s complete rebranding is a big move by Mark Zuckerberg. As Zuckerberg said in his announcement that his company will now be Metaverse First and not Facebook First.

Zuckerberg highly believes in the idea of Metaverse and the bright future that is about to be unlocked as he embraces the vision of VR and AR as the future of his company. The Meta platform offers social, gaming and workplace concepts all in AR and VR realities.

As soon as the announcement was dropped by Facebook, many Crypto Coins in the market just blew up. The biggest among all of them was Decentralands MANA Coin. MANA Coin hit a new high of $3 Dollars and is up by upto 115%.

While, the other Crypto coins like Axie Infinity’s AXS, Enjin Coin and BAT are also exploding. The biggest gainers among them is BAT which is up by upto 60%, reaching a price of $1.36 Dollars. While, Enjin Coin is up by 17.55%, reaching a price of $2.8 Dollars.

As Facebook is now committed to creating 10,000 new jobs at the EU, is a direct signal to the market that there’s lots of value in the Metaverse.

Decentraland Price Prediction, Virtual Reality and Metaverse

Decentraland is one of the most exciting NFT Projects in the world of NFT’s and it’s been around for quite a while. It’s an online space that combines Virtual Reality with blockchain where players can buy and sell Virtual Real Estate which in the game is called LAND. The way, you buy these LANDs is using the game’s crypto-currency MANA Coin.

Which means that Decentraland is a complete world having it’s own unique Metaverse. There have been many investors and players who have sold LAND in Decentraland for over $500,000 dollars, as reported in this article.

With the announcement of Facebook’s rebranding, there is no doubt, Decentraland would be one of the first Metaverse projects that people would be really interested into. Which is the reason why we saw such a huge hike in the price of Decentraland.

Currently, in the last 24 hours, the trading volume of MANA coin has nearly tripled from $5 Billion to over $20 Billion. In the last 24 hours, it’s up by 127% while in the last 7 days, it’s gone up by a whooping 316%. MANA coin has a Market cap of $5,699,556,205. There’s lot’s of positive insights for Decentraland’s MANA coin as the price is likely to increase in the future.

With the world of Virtual and Augmented Reality just being explored, and with Facebook’s serious involvement in the Metaverse, we can expect Decentraland to break even higher records in the future.

While the overall market sentiment is hot for crypto, it’s possible for MANA to reach $4 – $6 during this next bull run,” Mr Moor says in this article.


Coin Price Forecast see that Mana coin is likely to hit $5.94 Dollars by the end of 2021 and $11.19 by the end of 2022.

Also Decentraland’s MANA Coin is an ERC20 token, which is based on a Ethereum Blockchain.


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