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Decentral Games! Announces Sit and Go Tournaments

Decentral Games! Announces Sit and Go Tournaments

Decentral Games unveils a new game mode for ICE Poker, Sit-n-Go (SNG). Decentral Games, known for its play to earn metaverse gaming ecosystem, is expanding one of its most beloved games.

With the new exciting game mode, players will be engaged in fast-paced single-elimination tournaments.

There are great prizes to be won such as ICE wearables and token rewards which can be used in both ICE (the in-game currency) and xDG (Decentral Games Governance).

The six-player ICE poker game is one of the most popular games in Decentraland, with more than 60% of all daily active users playing it.

SNG tournaments give less experienced players a chance to compete and show their skill, working their way up through the ranks.

ICE Poker’s new SNG game mode will go into effect right away, and it is anticipated that this will allow those who feel excluded due to high prices a cheap and easy way to join the ICE wearables community.

How does the SNG game work?

With that said, there are still a few things players should know about SNG mode. For one, the blinds will be 10/20 chips and they will double every four minutes. Also, with blinds being a required bet for all players, tournaments will move along quickly.

Tournaments usually only last around 45 minutes, so even if you have a busy schedule, you can still participate. Those who triumph in each SNG game will be awarded Tournament Badges.

The winners of the tournament can use Tournament Badges to trade in for prizes like wearable items, ICE accessories, and xDG tokens. For more information, go to the Ice Poker website.

Tournament Wearables are to be used only in SNG tournaments, Flex Wearables only on the ICE Poker Flex App, and All Access Wearables can be utilized in Decentraland as well as the Flex app.

In order to enter a tournament, each player is required to have a certain amount of Shine on their wearable device.

This can be refilled by using ICE tokens. If this new mode proves popular, demand for the ICE token will increase as well.

ICE Poker is different from many other “play-to-earn” games because it has a sustainable economy.

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