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DeadFellaz NFT Collection | 10,000 Undead NFT’s living on the Ethereum Blockchain

The NFT collection has already taken the distinction of being the #6 in terms of most popular NFTs!

NFTs have been garnering attention for a long time now. Projects are being released and facing success big time. Reaching unexpected pinnacles in a matter of days and there are more to come.

DeadFellaz NFT project is one such project that experienced such unmatched glory.

DeadFellaz NFT Collection

DeadFellaz NFTs are undead NFT collection and metaverse brand. Each with its own unique “undead” features, giving off the vibes of a cool zombie. Its features range from cool sunglasses, bloody mouth, simple yet extravagant hats, different backgrounds, and many more.

The project saw the light in august of 2021 with the first public mint falling a week after. With the floor price of 1.742 eths and over 5.8k holders, this NFT project has boomed. All DeadFellaz holders can take the thrill of the art and community and in time get exposed to any kind of development to be initialized.

There was also a Halloween party on Oct 29th in Decentraland. The party was termed DeadFellaz: Infected, which ensued upon a 24-plot estate that the team procured on Decentraland.

The party was open to only the NFT holders. Several artists were also featured such as Ghxsts, Cool Cats, Stephy Fung, and many more. Live music, raffles, panel discussions, and many more were also the highlights of the Halloween party. This marked the entry of the DeadFellaz in the Metaverse.

DeadFellaz NFT Features

Dead Fellaz NFT is a collection of 10,000 undead NFT’s living on the Ethereum Blockchain. All these 10000 of the NFTs are loaded with various unique features. They come with a combination of various traits, outfits, styles, and personalities. Every property that comes has different features like Body Grade, Eyes, Background, etc.

  • Backgrounds are Blue, Orange, Pink, Purple, and Charcoal.
  • Body comes with a lot of styles and remarkable ones are Spotty Fur, Black Singlet, Purple Fur, Black Hoodie, Suspenders, and many more. Body Grade comes in Fresh, Damaged, and Rotten.
  • Eyes are also diverse like Sleepy, Surprised, Pink Glasses, Spooky, Worried, etc. Eyes Grade comes in Fresh, Damaged, and Rotten.
  • Head are also of copious types such as Bandana, Felt Hat, Dreads, Mullet, etc.Head Grade comes in Fresh, Damaged, and Rotten.
  • Mouth comes with various types such as Bulldog, Mo, Toothy, Skully, etc. Mouth Grade comes in Fresh, Damaged and Rotten.
  • Nose comes in different styles such as Nose Broken, Nose Ring, Nose Bleeding, Nose Skull, and Nose Normal. Nose Grade comes in Fresh, Damaged, and Rotten.

The Team

  • Betty – Betty is the Concept Creation and Community Lead of the project. Meanwhile, she is also the Co-director of a Creative Production Agency based in Australia where she handles global clients. Aside from that she also shows vehemency towards uplifting women and gender diverse people, making her professional and personal life a platform for social change.
  • PsychStreetfight – He is the Art Lead of the project. He comes with a promising experience of creating art for 13 years for the leading companies of the world and has the proficiency of grasping the awareness of people with his art. His art is embodied with a vivid, unique, and constantly evolving style. In the Metaverse he creates art with an aim of self-expression and his originality seeks inspiration from anime, music, gaming, and pop culture.
  • Deadfella#1603 – She is in charge of the contracts and skilled in that sphere. As per the website “#1603 takes extra time in the morning to get her Mohawk looking just right” and is an excellent bass player.
  • Kingmaker – He is in charge of the Website and Minting Support of the project. Proficient in website development and has spent years in the industry. He is also the creator of “Crazy Crows Chess Club” which is a project that brings together generative NFT technology with an exclusive chess club.

The Deadfellaz NFT collection is one of the most inspiring projects that are under development. So, there is a lot more than the NFT has to offer in the coming days. With an endearing community, this project climbed the top of the ropes in a matter of weeks.

Alongside events such as the Halloween Party, this collection promises a long-term prospect. The NFT collection has already taken the distinction of being the #6 in terms of most popular NFTs!

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