The David After Dentist meme is now an NFT sells for $13,350 dollars

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David DeVore, a 20 year old computer science student in University of Florida who actually has perfect teeth. Thanks to the dentist who looked after him back in 2008 when he was just seven years old.

During his dentist visit in 2008, his dad recorded his son’s post-anesthesia musings. He then uploaded the video on YouTube and within a few days, the video just went viral all over the internet. At that time, he just had the intention to share it with his friends and family however, the video was so funny and entertaining that it had to go viral.

In the recent Interview with Verge, DeVore Sr. says “It kind of feels like 2009 all over again,”. The Auction for David’s NFT sold for 3.3 ETH which is equivalent to $13,503.15 USD.

The meme after 11 years now has over 140 million views on YouTube and the family has made over $150,000 on merchandise, licensing, and YouTube revenue.

Although, it didn’t sell like the Disaster Girl Meme which sold for over $500,000 dollars and the Bad Luck Brian Meme which sold for $36,000 dollars USD. But $13,000 for a meme is still not bad and hopefully if the NFT sells again, the owner makes 10% off it every time it resells.


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