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CryptoMories NFT Collection | Remember You Die | 10,000 Skeletons Dudes To Remind You To Live Your Life Fully

Cryptomories NFT

As one of the new kids on the block, CryptoMories is one of the most exciting NFTs projects currently in development. With a serious message about death but a decidedly cute skull aesthetic, the CryptoMories are attracting collectors and investors of all varieties.

From those looking to make some serious coin to those who just love collecting non-fungibles with a passionate and dedicated team behind them, CryptoMories trading is heating up.

Read on to learn more about CryptoMories and whether you should invest in them.

What are CryptoMories?

Based on the Latin phrase “Memento Mori,” meaning “Remember Death,” the CryptoMories are a collection of 10,000 randomly generated skeleton and skull motifs. The Ethereum-based NFT collection aims to remind collectors of their own mortality and have a little fun along the way. According to the team behind CryptoMories, they should serve as a reminder that life is short, to live life fully, take chances, and appreciate those around you.

As with all non-fungible tokens, owning a CryptoMorie is akin to owning a digital trading card or collectible. The Ethereum blockchain keeps track of everything, including trading and history, ensuring the provenance and ownership of each is beyond question.

The artwork is clean and scales well to profile pictures, with bold lines and bright, recognizable colors. The Mories themselves come in an enormous variety of costumes and getups, overflowing with pop-culture references nods to internet culture.

Everything from Ninja Turtles and Teletubbies to Dragonball Z and Rick and Morty has been immortalized in the CryptoMories. Championing the various trends of the digital age and its iconic imagery gives the cute skulls a sense of time and place, elevating the tokens above mere cute collectibles.

As well as the imagery of TV, games, and film, the CryptoMories make use of traditional designs inspired by festivals such as Mexico’s Day of the Dead.

CryptoMorie Traits and Properties

As with a lot of generative NFT projects, the CryptoMories are comprised of a collection of properties and traits. These properties are either put together randomly or, in select cases, put together manually to create some exceptionally rare tokens.

Unlike other NFT projects, however, the items, clothing, and accessories adorned by the Mories will differ based on their type. A knitted beanie worn by a devil type will feature horns protruding, for example, or be half-rotted away on a zombie. This adds a little more dimension to the collection and makes each token even more unique.

  • Type: Perhaps the most important trait, CryptoMories, will be one of 7 types, with the rarest being “Special” and “Gold.”
  • Background: Each CryptoMorie token will have a background color, with beige being the most common and “none” being the rarest.
  • Clothes: The team behind CryptoMories have done a great job creating an extensive pool of clothing for the algorithm to select from. The rarest is the Nasa inspired “Astro White,” with just 21 Mories bearing the trait.
  • Eyes: While skulls in real life may not have eyes, the CryptoMories sport a wide variety of peepers. While the “Gas Mask Cyclop” is the rarest, the collection sports a large selection of creative and expressive eyes.
  • Nose: With just three types, the nose can be one of the traits that makes or breaks a CryptoMorie in terms of rarity. All but 213 of the Mories feature the “Normal” skull nose shape, with 201 having a clown honker and just 12 “none.”
  • Pattern: Like the nose trait, a CryptoMories pattern is one of 3: Aztec, Flower, or “none.” These, however, are relatively evenly distributed, with over 3000 of each in circulation.
  • Skeleton: There are two types of skeleton properties: painted and “none.” There are 2500 painted tokens currently minted, with 7500 unpainted.
  • Skin: Despite sounding a little bit of an oxymoron, the “skin” of a CryptoMorie skeleton acts as the unclothed layer on top of the skeleton itself. These come in 7 shades, with the white “none” being the most common and the multicolored” rainbow” skin being the rarest.
  • Tattoo: There are three types of tattoo, defined by size: small, big, and none. Big tattoos feature a swirl design on the skull and arms of the CryptoMorie, and the small appear as doodle shapes and writing.
  • Hat: The CryptoMorie team loves hats. So much so that there are more varieties of hat than any other trait. Amongst the rarest are the “Tesla Coil” and the “Bucket Hat POMPOM,” with just 3 of each out there.
  • Mouth: There are six types of mouth in the collection, with “Pizza” being the rarest.
  • Goldchain: Giving the CryptoMories the chance to look like a boss, the gold chain trait is worn by 919 Mories.

Who is behind CryptoMories?

The creative lead behind the CryptoMories project is the artist known as iwwon. Iwwon is an established artist with a sizeable following. Working alongside iwwon is Zelroug, an artist and animator with a proven history of delivering high-quality work.

Describing their venture into the world of NFTs as something magical that they’ve been waiting their whole lives for, iwwon and Zelroug. The pair have collaborated for over twenty years, with global exhibitions to their name.

Alongside iwwon and Zelroug is the coding developer, Bignenet. Together, the three intend to bring CryptoMories to an increasingly larger audience.

The CryptoMories are also the companion project to iwwon’s other non-generated, handmade NFT project, Los Samos. With details to come in the future, owners of both a CryptoMorie and a Los Samos NFT are expected to be rewarded with access to the handmade Vandals NFT series raffle.

Cryptomories drop date

The public sale of CryptoMories is now over. With all the Mories now claimed, the only way to get hold of one is from an NFT marketplace such as OpenSea.

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Outside of the public sale and tokens held by the creators, 199 of the NFTs were also given away in raffles. This gave the opportunity for collectors of all budgets to potentially get in on the action.

How much are Cryptomories worth?

Currently, CryptoMories are worth 0.5Ξ on average, around $2,500. This makes the floor price of the NFTs affordable but promising if considered an investment with prospects for appreciation in value.

While the average price is one thing, looking at the extremes tells another story. CryptoMorie #8032, for example, sold recently for 40Ξ. The blue-dressed cyclops Morie sold for a whopping $185,201 on November 29, 2021, appreciating by 40,603% in value from its original $455 price.

Collectors and investors are therefore interested, with big money being thrown around. The Russian doll-style CryptoMorie, #604, is another example. Since minting, its value has grown from around $1,800 to its current price of 17 WETH, around $80,000.

Will Cryptomories take off?

CryptoMorie trading has grown steadily since early October 2021, with the number of sales reaching hundreds every day shortly after launch. In the past seven days, over 1,700 of the NFTs have been sold.

At the time of writing, 975Ξ worth of CryptoMories have traded hands in the last week alone. This amounts to almost $4.5 million, and considering the project is just a couple of months old, the stats are impressive.

With an accessible entry price and the promise of a future metaverse and gaming integration, “early believers” are being told by the CryptoMorie team that their faith in the project will be rewarded.

Despite an ambitious roadmap, the team has a track record for delivering commendable projects such as the already established Los Samos, proving the team is here for the long haul.

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