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CryptoKitties Guide: Types of Kitties

CryptoKitties in the world of cryptocurrencies are all about cats – the digital crypto transaction gets a fun turn with the help of creatures that breed and produce mutations, never knowing how the next mutation is going to be like. It is all really about chasing some exciting traits and types of the CryptoKitties and getting delighted by the amazing turn of events that give rise to the Kitty of your dreams.

There is a lot you can do in CryptoKitties, and in the phase of the first breed, these crypto cats might seem a little too daunting to you, but this game grows exciting with every passing second. Let’s see some of the types of cats that are present in crypto kitties.

Types of Cats in Crypto Kitties

Cryptokitties (CNW Group/Axiom Zen)

Cats come in a multitude of styles and shapes in the game. To begin with, there are four official types of kitties referred to as the following:

  1. Normal CryptoKitties
  2. Fancy CryptoKitties
  3. Special Edition CryptoKitties
  4. Exclusive CryptoKitties

The appearance of a normal cat is based on genetic cattributes. On the other hand, fancy cats are made up of unique art and are made through a specific genetic recipe, although their outlook might not reflect the cattribute traits that are in that recipe. These kinds of kitties come in the rarest squad and are released for commemorating the community members and special events.

Purrstige Traits

CryptoKitties are born with 48 genes present in each set. Some of the genes get expressed as a phenotype in visual prospects – we term them as Cattributes, and these define Kitty’s art, for example, the shape of the kitty’s ear. On the other side, other expressions might be hidden and be visible only through the help of third party tools.

So, these traits are basically a quite special type of Cattribute and are difficult to breed, create some quite interesting cats for CryptoKitties, and are rewarding to unlock. These are available for breeding for only a specified time period, and each trait comes with a unique recipe that requires hidden genes as well as cattributes. For breeding a cat with a Purrstige Trait, one requires to have the right mix of the hidden genes present in the two-parent cats as well as the Cattributes.

Breeding this kind of trait might come with challenges. However, this is rewarding. As these traits are limited to time, these are specifically rare and therefore valued often as a result. Moreover, these are always a nice treat to the eyes, which creates some highly interesting and unique cats in the game.

Exclusive Cats

Exclusive cats, as discussed before, are the rarest of the types and are used for commemorating community members and special events. Often, this cat would be one of its kind, but sometimes, there might be a bunch – just like the KnightKnitties. Exclusive cats commemorate for serving a specific purpose and are not able to be bred.

Fancy Cats

These cats come with a particular genetic recipe and have unique art, although the outlook might not be totally indicative of their usual Cattribute traits that fall in their range. Fancy cats come under the series of special cats that have a badge and unique artwork to follow. For example, the Momo Chan is one Fancy Cat, and at first, you could breed these types of cats as much as you wanted. However, these now come in limited edition. Once you have gone to that limit, you cannot create more Fancy Cats anymore.

Special Edition Cats

Special Edition Kitties are the ones that come with special art and are made available for sale in a specific amount. These are pretty similar to the Exclusive Cats in terms of them having unique art, but these types of cats were released for the collectors in a large number, unlike Exclusive Cats that were rare. While these types of cats come with the traits that can be utilized for breeding new regular kittens, there is another version of this kind of cat that is not able to breed but only is bought.

How to Maximize the Chances of getting Mutations?

Breeding for mutations is actually when different genetic calculators can come of good use. They can help to simplify and increase the chance of every trait getting moved on as well as the chance of another mutation happening in the case.

Every gene, except for the gene 30 and 31, are able to be mutated to a new gene. So, if you want a specified mutation, you need to breed two cats, each of which comes with the traits that you require to combine for having a small chance of getting that mutation you want. This case is obvious, but there are other steps you can consider for improving your odds.

You have a better advantage, for example, if the Crypto Kitties that you are breeding come with two desired traits as your primary genes. Regarding this thing, the specified odds of having your mutation come to around 14%. On the other hand, if both the needed traits get recessive in the kitty that you are breeding, then the chance gets dropped down to 1 percent.

What’s Next?

Firstly, this crypto game revolves around collecting digital kitties and is, therefore, no investment portfolio. If you collect them with the intention of getting rich overnight, you are certainly going to miss all the fun parts of it. The monetary value is, however, worth the wait.

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