Cryptoadz by Gremplin NFT Collection

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Cryptoadz by Gremplim, a collection of 6969 small amphibious creatures, is probably the most unique and vague NFT collection that exists. Though the vagueness of it is the most compelling cause that the people got into it. It was brought out to the world with minting for 0.0069 eths on September 8th, 2021, it saw immaculate success and within a short period the prices sky-rocketed.

This is very interesting as there is no utility on holding and staking this NFT. Neither there are any roadmaps that one would expect from an NFT project. The high price that this NFT has reached is because of the fascinating community that has garnered.

Also, because it saw its inspiration from memes, and memes are known to regulate the NFT market. With a floor price of 3 eths and over 3.7k owners, this NFT is a surprise to many.

NFT Story Mistletoadz

The Mistletoadz has a very peculiar story. About three months ago 6969 Cryptoadz were set free by the citizens of Metaverse amidst a raid on Grempland. Despite their best efforts, the Evil King Gremplin was able to resist the rebel forces. With that, the Evil King got to keep his grasp on the remaining Toadz.

The 6969 Toadz that were able to flee remain secluded and plotting a plan to rescue all of the detained Toadz and their colonel Floorbin. So, there is a plan of an attack on Christmas to rescue the Toadz and the Colonel. This can be done by clicking claim. Christmas will be shadowed by their attack on Grempland. By clicking on claim you will be required to enter your Toad IDs.

NFT Story Gremplin

Gremplin has an intimidating story. As January has just seeped in on 2021, Gremplin had unfortunately made two wrong turns as he was going to his home in the depths of the hole. He was moving hastily through dark vents and damp pipes. Finally, it paid off and he surfaced only to be trapped in the chaotic energy of the Metaverse. It was way beyond his normal pace, so he struggled. To concur with the people around he built spinning boxes.

He also drew rotating residents of his homeland to make people get the idea of where he is from originally. As time went by and the drawing continued, he made drawing the residents of the new land as a method to pass the time. In time he started to find comfort and feel at home.

Eventually, seeking ways to build in this place, undertaking the thing that he has always been doing, drawing residents of lands whether it be nouns or toadz. All the more looking for his way back to his hole.

NFT Features and Properties

Cryptoadz is a package of distinct and various features and properties. These NFTs come with a cigarette in their mouth, crazy teeth, square glasses, and many more features that are creative and fun. They have different body features, clothes, and many more properties that make them look crisp and astounding.

  • Body is of several types such as normal, undead, ape, albino, pasty and many more.
  • Background also has diverse options like bruise, mold, damp, bubblegum, etc.
  • Accessories come in two categories. One category includes Fly Lick, Mysterious Hoodie, One Fly, Two Fly, etc. Another category includes Earrings, Watch, Long or Short Cigarette, etc.
  • Clothes are of three types, namely Slime Hoodie, Grey Hoodie, and Force Hoodie.
  • Eyes come in various sorts like Dilated, 3D, Butthole, Round Shades, Anime, etc.
  • Some even have their own unique name such as Yuppietoad, Tiodan, Sobytoad, etc.
  • Mouth too comes in various kinds such as Blue Smile, Pink Bucktooth, Bandit Smile, Croak, etc.
  • Head are of several types like Red Gnome, Orange Double Buns, Backward Cap, etc.

The Team

The team behind this NFT project has been anonymous and has a total of 9 people. Each one has been represented with Cryptoadz.

  • BN89 has messy hair and cool square sunglasses.
  • CAT is there made of white parallel lines on a black background.
  • CHANZERO is a simple toad with a red hat as an only ensemble.
  • DINFO is with brown face and square glasses.
  • EMMY is adorned with pigtails.
  • HEEEEE has his skull taken off and his brain exposed.
  • MOTIVATEME is the cute blue one with a brown hat.
  • SUM1 is the mysterious one with a top hat.

Finally, Gremplin illustrated with a pointy-nose creature within a bubble, who seems to be the most important one in this project.

Cryptoadz NFT collection by Gremplin has grown to be a very popular NFT collection. With a team that has decided to remain anonymous and without any formal highlights the success of this NFT is a big thing. The cool artwork pulled people into this NFT project, making them ignore the fact that this might be a risky business. But the community of this project is successful in keeping this alive and auspicious.


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