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Crypto Stamps: The next generation NFT Collectibles



Crypto Stamps

Crypto Stamps are basically one of the most innovative NFT’s Ideas I’ve ever come across. These Crypto Stamps are basically stamps but they are very special stamps. These stamps are of course connected to the Ethereum Blockchain but additionally, these stamps have a unique secret code hidden behind a scratch-off area that activates a one part of the whole collection of the stamp as a digital collectible NFT!. Officially created by the United Nations to support the use of new technologies like Blockchain, Robotics, Biotechnology and much much more.

But first.

What are NFT’s?

Crypto Stamps

NFT stands for non-fungible token. The title is the scariest and most confusing thing about NFT, so it needs some explanation.

Fungibility is a simple concept and refers to what you use every day. These items can be considered physical currency or Bitcoin. On the other hand, non-fungibility means that it is unique and cannot be replaced by anything else. NFTs are now the modern assets in the digital world and can be traded like any other asset, but they do not have their own physical form.

NFT gained attention in 2017 through CryptoKitties, which allowed players to purchase and breed a limited number of virtual cats. From there, game developers are widely embracing NFTs to enable players to earn rewards such as digital shields, swords, and other in-game items (such as in-game collections).

In addition to games, NFT is often used to sell various virtual collections, including virtual NBA trading cards, music, digital images, video clips, and even virtual real estate in a virtual world called Decentraland.

Crypto Stamps By Österreichische Post AG

Crypto Stamps

Crypto stamps are the world’s first blockchain stamps – and that’s what makes them cool. This makes Österreichische Post AG the first mailing company to introduce stamps that are not only used for postal purposes but are also stored as digital images on the blockchain. Released in 2019, Crypto Stamp 1.0 depicts the heraldic monster of the Ethereum community, the unicorn. Crypto Stamp 2.0 was released in June 2020 with more than 4 different animal patterns!

Yes, these stamps are ordinary, but each stamp also has a digital counterpart. The digital-analog of the physical stamp is unique in five colors: red (1500), yellow (10,000), blue (20,000), green (40,000), and black. (78500 pieces).

Market Value of Crypto Stamps NFT’s

Crypto stamps are remarkable as they are the project of Austrian post. They also hold very high value for all they are – benefiting their owners.

The crypto stamp 1.0 has a nominal value of EUR 6.90, the crypto 2.0 has a nominal value of EUR 7.00 and the Golden Unicorn is a special edition of the Crypto Stamp 2.0 series, the Austrian Post online store provided 500 stamps and sold out within 20 minutes. The remaining 499 recordings were shot from various channels. The stamp contains 1 gram of Austrian gold bar with a face value of 500 Euros. This is also a world record.

Where to Buy Crypto Stamps?

The crypto stamps can be bought on  and many other trustable websites like or Official UNStamps site –


As the world is evolving, so is the currency and things around it. Crypto stamps have taken the world by storm. The crypto stamp is issued by official Austrian postal services, so everything has legal boundaries that people can trust.

With noticeable and profitable growth in the market and the development of retail and digital offerings, this opportunity by Austrian post share is the best we can get our hands on. While the world moves towards digital innovation, so do we.

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