Crypto Kitties Guide: How to Breed Purrstige Traits?

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Crypto Kitties have become the talk of the town since their first inaugural. Since then, these kitties have been boosting a significant chunk of traffic from their users’ flooded ethereum’s blockchain.

In this way, Cryptokitties became the first-ever mainstream use case for ethereum’s blockchain. It uses smart contracts to enable the trades between owners of each kitty.

The Cryptokitties game came with some exciting features. One of those features involves breeding. This breeding is done explicitly on digital cats to generate progeny to become valued collectibles.

These kitties are then purchased using ether – a native token of ethereum.

Some estimates claim that Cryptokitties had 1.5 million users worldwide who made transactions worth $40 million on the platform. Other than that, some individual kitties have been sold as high as $300,000 a piece. However, you can get a crypokitty as low as $100, its average sale price.

What Are Purrstige Traits?

The Cryptokitties game has defined some traits of a regular kitty. Firstly, every kitty would be born with a set of 48 genes. You might visually notice some of the genes. Such visually stunning genes are called Cattributes.

These Cattributes will define how artistic your kitty will be, what shape its ears will be, what fur color it can have, and what art you can do on it. Moreover, other Cattributes are hidden. The only way to find those hidden cattributes is to use some third-party tools and explore them.

Purrstige traits are also a rare type of Cattribute. They are available for a limited time, so you only have little time to breed your kitties. It will also require some visible and non-visible mixture of traits to breed.

You would find them tough to breed, hard to unlock, but the patience is worth it as you would create some of the finest-looking Crypto Kitties cats through them. So, consider yourself lucky if your cat is breeding purrstige traits.

What’s Needed To Breed Purrstige Traits?

As we have told earlier, some tools could help your kitty breed with a Purrstige trait. We found two suitable options for it.

The first option is to scroll the website Heaven.cat. This website provides a long list of breeding traits. You only need to open the Heaven cat finder and search for Purrstige Traits. As these traits are rarely available, so you might look from time to time there – maybe you’ll discover some kitties with hidden gems.

The second option is to download a Google Chrome extension named CKBox. This extension will introduce many exciting Cryptokitties. You might find excellent kitty history here, some hidden genes that were unexplored before, breeding probabilities, cattributes charts, stats, and popups, some jewels, and other exciting stuff.

 CKBox extension will help you identify kitties with hidden genes.

A Step-By-Step Procedure On How To Breed Purrstige Traits

Let’s start our breeding procedure by deciding which Purrstige Trait we need. There are many traits, and you can choose any of them.

For example, we are using the ‘thatsawrap’ breed. It’s Cattribute is Bobtail, comes with hidden Purrstige gene #28 (PU28) and a Wild Gene #0 (WE00).

We will use the CKBox extension here as it is much easier to use. We will search for PU28 hidden genes through this tool. But first, you need to go to your Cryptokitties profile through CKBox.

After searching, we couldn’t locate any kitty with PU28. The gene card displays such traits in bold if they are available. So, the next step we will do is to go through Heaven.cat Finder to find any missing gene or Cattribute.

We need two kitties. The first one should be a bobtail with a wild gene #0 (WE00), and the other must have a purrstige gene #28 (PU28). But the search shows not a single cat with the necessary gene ingredients as it will already have thatsawrap.

So, we must breed it ourselves as we need a gene in its primary position so we will click D0 on all of the heaven.cat searches. It will help us find the required kitties we need to breed a Purrstige Trait.

In the end, we will only have to buy a suitable pair and let them breed together. This is how one can breed kitties with Purrstige Trait. 


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