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Crypto Hasbulla NFT Collection

The NFT world dazzles us with every new NFT project release. One such significant release is the Crypto Hasbulla NFT collection. Hasbulla is a renowned person when it comes to social media. The collection features unique and limited NFTs and the holders of these NFTs are offered various utilities such as memberships, tokens, and many more.

Who is Hasbulla?

Hasbulla Magomedov is a popular blogger from the Russian Federation. He is 19 years old and due to Growth Hormone Deficiency, he is 3ft 3 inches tall. He became popular when he provided support for Khabib Nurmagomedov who was a UFC fighter.

Now that we know who Hasbulla is, let’s dive deeper into the captivating Crypto Hasbulla NFT collection.

What is the Crypto Hasbulla NFT collection?

The Crypto Hasbulla NFT collection comprises of 10,000 unique NFTs. All the NFTs are hand-drawn, a quality that makes them more one-of-a-kind. All the NFTs are a blend of various characteristics. Each Hasbulla NFT is unique and they have been hand-drawn instead of AI giving a result of distinctive NFTs. Each NFT with its unique traits comes with various rarities. The NFT project offers benefits to the holders as well.

Before launching the NFT collection, the project issued feelers to gather interest and garner their community. They wanted to reach the objective of 20,000 members on their discord server. The project succeeded in reaching the goal and even crossed it. The website of the project even has an education hub that contains basic details about NFTs. This is a great incentive by the project to make the masses aware of NFTs in a simple manner.

server. The project succeeded in reaching the goal and even crossed it. The website of the project even has an education hub that contains basic details about NFTs. This is a great incentive by the project to make the masses aware of NFTs in a simple manner.

What are the utilities of the Crypto Hasbulla NFT?

The Hasbulla NFT collection offers more than just artwork. First of all, the owners will possess high-resolution artwork. The owners of the NFTs can become a member of the Exclusive Members Club. The owners of the NFTs receive exclusive invitations to meet with Hasbulla either online or in person. They can participate in gatherings, get-togethers, VIP events, and many more. There will be an exclusive party as well and the community has the freedom to choose the venue. They will also receive an exclusive pass to the Eagle FC premiere combat sporting events. Additionally, throughout the year, there will be prizes and incentives in the form of unique NFTs created by well-known artists in their network.

After all the 10,000 NFTs have been sold out, the Hasbi tokens will be airdropped to all the owners of the NFT. The owners can stake their NFT as well and this will result in earning 10% in creator royalties. Therefore, by staking your NFTs you can earn money for yourself. The holders will also have access to the raffles, discounts, and promotions for the official merch. The holder will be given access to use 1 of 1000 special NFTs in the metaverse game of Hasbulla.

The Hasbulla NFT project will also develop an AI-powered play-to-earn Metaverse game in the long run. The holders of the Hasbulla NFT can enjoy the metaverse game and get the best experience the project has to offer. In addition to it, there will even be opportunities where the players can earn resources. There are also real-life rewards for the players such as tokens, digital merch, and more that are under development.


The NFTs of the Hasbulla collection are hand-drawn with a combination of different traits and characteristics. The amalgamation of the different traits makes each NFT unique and one of a kind. The following are the different traits that determine the rarity of each NFT.


Each Hasbulla NFT has unique backgrounds from colors to designs. The background adds up to the story of the particular NFT.


Every NFT is also adorned by eyes. The eyes come with a variety of designs and colors, some being rare and some being common.

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Without a mouth, an NFT is not complete. Hasbulla NFTs also come with the trait of mouth and has different designs, a mood which gives various facial expressions to the NFTs.


The back of the NFT is not left out as well. Every NFT comes with its own back and the characteristics range from backpacks to weapons.


Clothes are a mandatory trait of each NFT. Each Hasbulla NFT has its clothes and outfits. This characteristic serves greatly to the rarity of the NFT.

Hand Items

The NFTs are not left empty-handed as well. Although, there are limited Hasbulla NFTs with hands. The hands are adorned by various items and each one makes the NFT rare and unique.


The final characteristic of the Hasbulla NFT is hair. Every NFT is furnished with various hair designs which makes it rare and common.

What is the HASBI token?

The HASBI token is the exclusive token of the project. The tokens can be used for transactions and interactivity within the Crypto Hasbulla Web3 ecosystem. The players, developers, and publishers can use the HASBI token to exchange assets as well. So, in short, the HASBI token is the medium of exchange in the Crypto Hasbulla ecosystem.

What is the Roadmap of the Crypto Hasbulla NFT collection?

The roadmap of the project describes and informs the enthusiasts about the ambition, objectives, and incentives of the project. The project is here for long-term development and not just for the hype.

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Values of the project

As it is with every project, the Hasbulla NFT collection prioritizes its community the most. They consider the community to be the foundation of their ecosystem and the project itself. The community will be involved in every step of the development of this project and will take into consideration the opinions of the community before anything else. They will also share everything with the community and therefore making the communication between the project and the community far better.

The project determines its originality and promises that what it will offer to its enthusiasts is like no other project. The project also assures that whatever they do is of top-notch quality and they value quality over quantity.

The vision of the project

The project aims on developing and releasing an AI-powered Metaverse video game, which will highly benefit the holders of Hasbulla NFT. It will be a play-to-earn game and the players will be able to experience the best sensation. The community members will also receive or win real-life rewards from tokens to merch. Hasbulla Magomedov along with the best developers is giving their best to achieve the expectations of the enthusiasts.

Phase 1

Hand-drawn unique NFTs

The NFTs of the project is the combination of the talents of three senior digital artists from Chile, Argentina, and Italy. The artists have poured their talents and abilities into the project. They have hand-drawn and given utmost concentration on every detail of the NFT.

High-quality NFTs

The owners of the Hasbulla NFT are holders of high-quality NFTs. They can print, boast them digitally and use them for various purposes.

Events for the Discord community

As it is with every other project, the Hasbulla NFT collection decided to use Discord as the primary communication basis with its community. The discord community will be able to take part in games, quizzes, giveaways, and many more.

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Discord member perks

The NFT holders can increase their status in the Discord community as well. The status of members in the Discord server will offer several rewards such as NFT discounts, and merch and can even have their say in discussions.

Phase 2


The project will hold giveaways. The giveaways include NFTs, free merch, free trips for meetups, spots on the whitelist, and many more. The project will even offer meetups with celebrities and passes to Eagle FC events.

Video and content team

Hasbulla is a social media sensation and it’s where people discover him and enjoys his quirks. So the project has amassed a team specifically for video and content for social media. With this team, the project aims on exposing Hasbulla to more audiences in the world with captivating content.


The NFT project to garner more attention for the Hasbulla NFT collection has invested in expert digital marketing strategies on the most prominent ad networks such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. With this, the NFT project will achieve the required exposure it needs.

In addition to it, the NFT project will collaborate with celebrities with great influence over the population. The project will collaborate with influencers from different fields to develop the project more smoothly. The project has already partnered with celebrities such as Khabib Nurmagomedov, Shaquille O’Neal, Barstool Sports, Logan Paul, and many more. All these celebrities have done a great deal of help to the project.

Exclusive Access to Hasbulla

The project will also offer the holders of the NFTs a chance to meet Hasbulla in real life. If not they can meet Hasbulla virtually as well. Every holder will get the opportunity and even a shout-out.

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Dubai NFT Holders event

In the first quarter of 2022, the first meeting of the Crypto Hasbulla was held. The team held a special dinner where the NFT holders were invited to meet Hasbulla. The dinner was a huge sensation and several NFT holders got a chance to meet with Hasballa and be a part of the magnificence.

NFT Holder Benefits

The project will also make further benefits for the holders. They will develop new reward systems and will offer rewards to the holders according to the commitment of the holder towards the project. The rewards include merch, NFT discounts, game rewards, and many more.

Custom Designed NFTs

The end of phase 2 will see the offering of a chance to the holders of the NFT to custom design their NFT. This is an extremely unique benefit offered by the NFT project.

Crypto Hasbulla Version 2

The project always puts the wishes of its community first and keeps itself updated with the changes in the interests of the world. The project promises to keep up with the ever-changing trends and make the project more exciting. The project plans to invest in redesigned web presence, adding web3 minting capabilities and money-making utilities to the NFTs.

Phase 3

Development of Smart Contract

The second quarter of 2022 will see the integration of the project with smart contracts. With the contract, more game-based functionalities will be added and significant changes will come to the NFTs. 

NFT staking

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Phase 3 of the project will also allow the Hasbulla NFT holders to stake their NFTs. The holders of the NFT will have a chance to earn by holding their NFTs. The holders can keep their assets in a Defi platform and receive ETH.

NFT minting

With the smart contracts, a change will come in the purchasing of the Hasbulla NFTs. All the remaining NFTs can be minted from the website.

Ethereum blockchain

The project will transfer the NFT collection from Polygon to the Ethereum blockchain. This is a beneficial move and will make it more effective. This will also improve the gaming experiences for the holders.

Whitelist access

The holders of NFTs #1 to 2000 will immediately gain access to the presale whitelist. With this, the holders will know about future Hasbulla NFT mints before everyone else. The ones on the whitelist will also receive benefits such as mint discounts, access to giveaway raffles, and airdrop surprises.

Genesis Merch Collection

The project will also release the first and foremost collection of exclusive Crypto Hasbulla merch. The merch will include top-quality hoodies, shirts, and caps. The holders are also allowed to customize their merch with their NFT. The members are also eligible for discounts and merchandise credits depending on holder benefits.

Hasbulla on Twitch TV

The NFT holders can also interact with Hasbulla on Twitch, watch him play games, and might even get the opportunity to play with him. The team is working with Twitch to give their holders the best of the best experience.

Metaverse game development

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The main aim of the project is the metaverse game. The project intends to develop a game where the players can earn money with their Crypto Hasbulla NFTs. Surkhay Sungurov, the CEO of the project, assures that the project will soon begin the development of the game.

United States meetup and VIP events

The project will also hold a second meetup for the qualified NFT holders in Q3 or Q4 of 2022. The location has not yet been announced. Similar to the first meetup, the holders can meet Hasbulla. Some VIPs will also be there. Although, this is a smaller meetup with Hasbulla, the project’s team, and Discord mods.

Traditional Web3 media and PR collaborations

Before entering phase 4 the project will evolve its communication and marketing strategy. This will make the project more captivating and an attention grabber. This development aims to get coverage from media companies, projects, and major stakeholders in the crypto and NFT space.

Phase 4

HASBI token development

As the game is being developed, the NFT holders will get free access to HASBI tokens. After the collection sells out then the NFT holders will receive HASBI tokens as rewards.

Event Access Pass

The project is also working in collaboration with Eagle FC which is a martial arts promotion company of Khabib Nurmagomedov. The holders will also get a chance to attend the Eagle Fight Club events in person for free. Some holders can also receive a lifetime streaming ticket for all future events of EFC. The holders can also get the chance to meet Khabib in real life.

Charity Event

The project also wishes to help people in need. The project will hold virtual events or activities to raise money and donate 100% amount to a charity of Hasbulla’s choice.

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Web3 and NFT education platform

The launch of the game is followed by a web3 and NFT education hub to have more people in the new phase of the internet. The holders of the Hasbulla NFTs will have free access to them and can even receive more rewards.

Phase 5

Special Hasbulla NFTs

The last 1000 NFTs will be special NFTs. These special NFTs can be used as playable characters in the metaverse game of the project. These special NFTs hold the highest value in the collection.

HASBI token launch

Phase 5 of the project will also experience the launch of the HASBI token. This token will be used by players, developers, and publishers to exchange assets and games. This will also create a user-based platform of rewards and create a space where both Creators and Players can have fun together.

The HASBI token can also be traded in the biggest crypto exchanges. They can also be swapped and staked. The HASBI token can also be owned and used by creators, players, and artists.

The players of the game can earn HASBI tokens. The players can earn the token by taking part in various challenges filled with creativity. There will also be skill-based challenges where players have to pay an entry fee, to participate in games such as race, card games, and many more. The winner will receive all the prize pool. The streamers of the game can be sent to HASBI for their performance.

The creators are also eligible to sell their in-game assets, earn revenue, and receive the 100% of the HASBI price of the asset sold. The creators will also be able to use their imagination to create new monetization systems by which they can charge the players HASBI tokens for unique content.

HASBI token airdrop to NFT holders

The selling out of all the NFTs will enter the phase where holders will receive free HASBI tokens for every NFT a holder possesses. The ones who have #1 – 2000 NFT, will get 2x rewards.

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Launch of the Metaverse

The end of phase 5 will see the launch of the project’s metaverse. After all the 10,000 NFTs have been sold, a fully developed 3D and open-world Metaverse play-to-earn game will be released. All the holders of the NFT can get access to the game and play it to earn HASBI tokens.

Rounding up

The Hasbulla NFT collection is one of the most unique NFT collections that has been released. The project shows a lot of potential and promises. The metaverse game, giveaways, the token, and many more make this project one of a kind. They even allow their holders to design their own custom NFTs. The project is extremely exciting and following its development will be as exciting as the project is.

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