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Crypto Bloxs NFT Collection | 888 Card NFT’s That’s Seeking a New Home

As Facebook becomes Meta and the Metaverse promises (or threatens) to become a reality, millions of people and companies are weighing in and investing in what they believe is the likely world of the future.

And regardless of the opinions of the general population, many of us in the cryptocurrency and NFT industry are expecting the Metaverse to be a staunch success.

Crypto Bloxs is just one of many amazing collections where Metaverse property is included among its prizes for buyers, and there are many aspects of both the Metaverse and NFTs that make them appealing to the other.

Crypto Bloxs NFT

Crypto Bloxs are 888 NFT token cards, all hand-drawn, and with some including rarity traits, that are based in the Ethereum blockchain and hope to one day facilitate a move to the Metaverse.

They are a community of positivity, optimism, and creativity who are always there to support and help each other, and want to be able to extend their values to their wider NFT community one day soon, along with the exclusive access and information gained from purchasing one of their NFTs.

The collection features 888 NFTs of what the developers are referring to as ‘The Yellow Tribe’, yellow, square-headed cartoon figures reminiscent of figurines for a popular construction toy, with a wide variety of hairstyles, eyes, mouths, facial expressions, and outfits.

They are advertised starting at 0.25 ETH plus gas per token, with presales due to open on 18th January 2022.

The huge bonus feature of purchasing a Crypto Bloxs NFT includes being able to vote on which real estate in the Metaverse should be bought, with the company putting aside a certain amount of ETH as they reach each stage of the roadmap so that this real estate can be purchased.

Crypto Bloxs NFT Roadmap

The presale event for 100 NFT Cards is set to start on 18th January, with their public sale beginning on 21st January.

Once 50% of the NFTs have been sold, 5 Crypto Bloxs will be dropped to 5 Existing Card Owners, while 15 ETH will be reserved for the purchase of Metaverse real estate.

Once 75% have been sold, this number increases to 20 ETH, and again to 30 ETH once all the cards have been sold. At that point, 10 Crypto Bloxs will be dropped to 10 more cardholders, and all NFT owners will be able to vote on the Metaverse real estate land plot that they want to purchase.

They will also be the first to know about new NFT releases and exclusive news from the team.

  • 18th January 2022 – Presale of 100 Crypto Bloxs NFT Cards.
  • 21st January 2022 – Official Public Sale of Crypto Bloxs NFT’s Begins.
  • 50% Sold – 5 CryptoBloxs Will Be Dropped To 5 Existing Card Owners. 15 ETH will be Dedicated to the Purchase of Metaverse Real Estate.
  • 75% Sold – 20 ETH from NFT Sales Will Be Dedicated to the Purchase of Metaverse Real Estate.
  • 100% Sold – 10 Crypto Bloxs Will Be Airdropped to Existing Card Holders. Another 30 ETH will be added to the Community Metaverse Real Estate Pool.
  • Post Sell Out – NFT Owners Will Vote on Which Metaverse Real Estate to Purchase with the Real Estate Pool, Which will now Total 65 ETH. Continued Community Engagement and Exclusive News on Further NFT & Crypto Projects Will be Available to All NFT Owners.

Join the Crypto Bloxs Discord Community to get more Details on Giveaways, Drop and Mint Dates and the insider peek on their NFT’s! –


The team consists of Project Lead Ultimate NFTs, Web Developers Josh and Legend, Artist Fai, Metaverse Consultant Raj, Kons from Media Communications, Prime of Media Management, and Jonathan running Marketing. They are all very excited and passionate about watching their Crypto Bloxs project come to life.

  • Ultimate NFT’s – Project Lead
  • Legend – Web development
  • Josh – Web development
  • Raj – Metaverse Consultant
  • Fai – Art work
  • Kons – Media Communications
  • Prime – Media Management
  • Jonathan – Marketing






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