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NFT’s and the Metaverse have boomed exponentially in 2021. From Cryptopunks to Bored Apes you name, every month there are exciting NFT projects getting released.

CosmoRace is one of the NFT projects with a really strong roadmap and vision for the NFT community. At its core, its a P2E(Play-to-Earn) NFT game where players can drive a star racing car, destroy enemies and earn money as a reward for winning.

It has a really cool concept where you destroy enemies to gain rewards and if your racing car gets destroyed, your NFT burns out. It hugely competitive with massive rewards potential in the game.

CosmoRace NFT Details

CosmoRace was initially developed to create an innovative project that brings value to the holders and specifically focus on the gameplay mechanics of the P2E racing game.

The concept of burning NFT’s have never been introduced in any NFT projects lately. There are very few NFT projects that take on this form of utility where holders have the ability to burn NFT’s.

In this case, players can either use their NFT’s to win rewards, or they can burn their NFT, if their car gets destroyed in the game. This concept really helps stabilize the floor price of the NFT project wherein, the price of the whole collection gets raised for those who wish to hold NFT’s.

In the game, players use a so called Star Racing Car, and they drive the car to destroy enemies in the game. Here, players get rewards for destroying enemies, or if they get their Car destroy, they burn their NFT.

The NFT project is set to launch on SolSea and Magic Eden, with a base collection of 10,000 NFT’s. The collection has 15 Traits, each of them being unique and having different levels of rarity.

CosmoRace NFT Roadmap


  • P2E CosmoRace Game Development
  • Mint Events: from 22th of April to 16th of March
  • Listing on SolSea and Magic Eden
  • Releasing of Game Design & Game Interface
  • P2E Game Internal Testing


  • P2E CosmoRace Game Alpha version release
  • Adding & Testing Battle Mode
  • Adding & Testing PVP Mode
  • Game Bug Fixing & Updates
  • Smart Contract Development
  • NFT burning implementation in SmartContract
  • NFT burning implementation in Game
  • Game BETA testing


  • P2E Game SmartContract release
  • CosmoRace token ICO
  • P2E CosmoRace Game Launch


  • Leaderboard
  • Adding new maps in Game
  • Adding more weapons
  • Adding an ability to create Clans in Game
  • Awesome Merch for our CosmoRace family

NFT Giveaways

CosmoRace is very active on their Twitter and other Social Media Accounts, specifically discord. They holds tons of Giveaways everyday, on both Twitter and Discord.

You can join their Discord – https://discord.com/invite/eMqWaD5jFt to get more information on how to enter their Giveways.

The giveaway prizes include free NFT’s, SOL prizes and much much more.

The Team Behind CosmoRace

  • Sam – Idea & Design
  • Mark – Marketing Lead
  • Alex – Developer


Official Website: https://cosmorace.io/

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/eMqWaD5jFt

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HighTechoo


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