Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong Will Release 3 Electronic Music Tracks as NFTs

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The CEO of Coinbase, Brian Armstrong is finally here into the NFT game, and he is now going to release a collection of electronic music NFT’s collaborating DJ DAVI.

He was the CEO, creator and the mastermind behind that Coinbase crypto platform that we currently use. According to him, the reason why he got into NFT’s was not because, his platform was related to it but it was because he used to listen to EDM music while he was coding the early versions of Coinbase. As he said “I was coding up the early versions of Coinbase, and always enjoyed David’s music. (no vocals because I couldn’t concentrate with other words in my head),”

David here is David Khanjian who is DJ DAVI.

Armstrong says that he had taken electronic music composition as a hobby during the COVID-19 pandemic began and DJ DAVI would actually give free music. They together would create several minted tracks and over the course of their time, Armstrong learnt how to create music.

“To be clear – 99% of the talent comes from him, but it was fun for me to work on them none the less,” he tweeted.

According to Armstrong, DJ DAVI is going to release 3 NFT tracks which are all about building with technology and never giving up. He says that he and David together created the tracks.

These tracks are going to be released as NFTs on Zora.co, a Coinbase Ventures-backed company.

Additionally, Coinbase has also gone public on April 14, 2021.


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