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CHAINED UP POTATO CLUB NFT | 9999 Potato NFT’s trying To Escape the Lockdown through the Metaverse

CHAINED UP POTATO CLUB is an NFT Project that’s working on raising awareness for mental health and Suicide Prevention.

2020 was one of the worst years in history and 2021 did not become any better either. From millions of COVID cases to hundreds of thousands of deaths, covid-19 cost the lives of many innocent people who were blooming with great hopes and positivity for the future.

From several businesses that faced lots of financial crises to education where the lives of many students got affected, we aren’t expecting 2022 to be any better, in fact, it seems like its going to be even worse.

However, 2021 gave us NFT’s and while the world has no clue or idea about the potential of what NFTs can do, NFT’s has been responsible for supporting a lot of artists, creators from all around the world, in fact, during the tough COVID period, NBA Top shot, a major NFT project was responsible to support the entire NBA Franchise financially.

This is to say that the world is now taking an entire shift and many NFT projects are coming up that are helping people in need, donating funds to charities, and trying their best to support each other. This was only possible because of the technology and the power of NFT’s.

That’s where one big NFT project comes in called Chained up Potato club. One of the most inspiring NFT projects with a great vision and mission of raising awareness for mental health and suicide prevention.

The project is for the people and is aligned in a way that is similar to the situation of our current lives during the Covid-19 lockdowns, where millions of people are facing tough situations. This project has the goal of helping all the people deal with the current situation during the lockdown.

Lets take a closer look into the Chained up potato clubs nfts.


The potato NFTs lives in the Solona Blockchain and are going through different stages of the lockdown life.

From living their best luxurious couch potato life to hardcore gaming the whole day or trying to get in shape with homework out videos. Or getting fully ready for their own secret fetish party putting on those tight black leather jackets and pants. Just which lockdown potato are you?

Jokes and all the fun stuff aside, these Potato’s represents our own lives during the COVID-19 lockdown periods and how we cope with it every day. Our efforts on try to make the best of each and every day.

That’s where the brilliant concept of lockdowns comes from, where the chained-up Potato NFTs are structured and segmented as each phase of the roadmap is divided using lockdowns.

Chained up Potato NFTs consist of 9999 total number of NFT supply. Each of the Potato NFTs comes in different styles, colors, traits, rarity, and uniqueness. Each Potato NFT has its own personality and style and in total there are 68 traits with 9 OG Golden Potato NFT being the rarest and most exclusive.

Ultimately, lockdown doesn’t mean just doing the latest workout challenge on Youtube or just Netflix and chilling. This is where the main mission and vision of chained up Potatoes come in where you are not just purchasing a unique piece of art but actually also contributing to a special cause.

Chained up Potatoes is an NFT project that’s working on raising awareness for mental health and Suicide Prevention. They are donating 5% to influenced charities such as Freunde jurs Leben e. V. which means Friends for life.

Join the Official Discord community of Chained Up Potato Club to get more information on Drop Dates, Mint Dates, Airdrops, Giveaways and so much more. –

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  • 20% NFT CLAIMED – The Potatoes can pay back their student loans.
  • 40% POTATOES CLAIMED – Member Exclusive CU PC Merch store gets unlocked. featuring limited Edition socks by MSTRY
  • 60% POTATOES CLAIMED – We send Potatoes to influencers and supporters that helped us promote the project.
  • 80% POTATOES CLAIMED – We release a guide to ease Potatoes-Check how valuable they are!
  • 100% POTATOES CLAIMED -The Golden OG Potates are Airdropped to random Potatoes holders. They are waiting to crash into a new home because they cannot pay their rent any more. The more potatoes you hold the more chances you have.


In total, there are 5 lockdown periods in the chained-up potato NFT collection with each lockdown having unique releases, giveaways, and airdrops.

  • Lockdown 1 -The official chained up Potato Website launches
  • Lockdown 2 – CUPC will be launched. Be prepared to help the potatoes out of their miserable life.
  • Lockdown 3 – Potatoes will be traded on secondary marketplaces.
  • Lockdown 4 – For the holders of 5 Potatoes, during the snapshot, there will be an airdrop for our processed potato edition with a low collection size.
  • Lockdown 5– Releasing our Chained up Potato Lockdown Reloaded game where you will be able to participate when holding at least 1 potato and 1 processed Potato. There will also be a tokenization system in one game that every holder will earn while playing the game.



Chained Up Potatoes has recently collaborated with MSTRY which is a clothing socks brand to further increase its brand awareness and most importantly spread the message and raise awareness for mental health.

“A tribute and respect for all the people experiencing anxiety, burnout and depression especially during the pandemic. To all those who do seem fine on the surface but who struggle on the inside. Who are fighting their daily fights between work, homeschooling, and information overload.”

This is a tribute to all those human beings who don’t feel seen or heard. We do see you. We do hear you.

Together with MSTRY Berlin, we created a sock, an incredible culture-relevant design with a statement you can wear.

As the project moves through each lockdown and Roadmap competition, lots of Giveaways and Airdrops will be continuously happening.

At 60%, the team will send potatoes to all the influencers that helped the project grow and raise awareness. While during lockdown 4, the holders of 5 Potatoes will receive an Airdrop for their processed potatoes.

Follow the Official Chainedup Potatoes Discord Community to watch out for sudden Giveaways and Airdrops –

There are lots of Giveaways and airdrops that are going to happen in the community, especially the unofficial ones that are only going to be released in the Discord community, and of course, there is also Whitelisting where you get the first chance to mint the Super Rare and Ultra Rare Potatoes so the earlier you are in the Discord, the better the chances of you getting those Airdrops and Rare NFT’s.


CUPC NFT Project is created by a team of 5 highly experienced individuals who are all passionate about the Crypto, Art, and NFT industry. They all come from different backgrounds, industries, and careers and use their expertise to make the CUPC project come to life.

Being already invested in Crypto since 2016 and with a combined experience of 30 years in AdTech, we felt that it is time to use the power of NFTs to raise awareness for mental health while providing the Metaverse with a selection of crazy Potatoes reflecting multiple characteristics during lockdown


  • Website: COMING SOON
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