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CAPTIVATING CANVASES NFT | brand-new collection of NFTs made from handmade paintings.

The core team working to bring this project to life all strongly believe in the power of traditional, physical art, digital art, and NFTs, and are excited to share a greater art appreciation with others.

captivating canvases nft

As NFTs and cryptocurrency become an ever noisier and mainstream market, more and more producers are having to come up with new and creative ways to make their NFT designs stand out from the crowd and be marketable, beyond just their inherent value or the value of them once they have been flipped.

One of the teams doing such out-of-the-box thinking is the people behind Captivating Canvases, a new NFT collection with a difference.

Captivating Canvases NFT

Captivating Canvases are an NFT series comprised of digitized handmade paintings, which are real paintings, and would be considered works of art to the traditional art scene, as well as in this format to NFT buyers.

Digitized by skilled developers, the artworks are taken from a collection of paintings owned by a wealthy Southern American family, who have allowed the work to be digitized, the collection is made up of many artworks done by painters from the last few centuries, none of whom are still alive, unfortunately.

The value of the NFT versions of their work is also much higher as a result, with the posthumous appreciation of these pieces increasing as much on the prospective NFT market as they would in real life if the actual painting were up for auction.

The Team Behind Captivating Canvases

  • MARTIN NOLAN – Co-founder
  • SALVADOR SATOSHI – Co-founder and leaddeveloper
  • CHAD KAVINSKY – Blockchain expert
  • AMANDA SHELBY – Web developer & content writer
  • JAMES DENTON GREEN – Original painter. Died in 2010.
  • FRANCAS EVANS – Original painter. Died in 2006.

The core team working to bring this project to life all strongly believe in the power of traditional, physical art, digital art, and NFTs, and are excited to share a greater art appreciation with others.

NFTs are as important to the contemporary art world as any other art form.  The team comprises co-founders Martin Nolan and Salvador Satoshi, with Satoshi also working as lead developer, blockchain expert Chad Kavinsky, and web developer and content writer Amanda Shelby, along with the many artists whose work is being used posthumously, including James Denton Green and Francas Evans.


However, if you’re an NFT connoisseur who is as confused as to why you’d buy an NFT of real art in the same way that many people in the traditional art world wonder why anyone buys an NFT at all, it is worth remembering that by buying the NFT you are also purchasing a piece of the original artwork.

Both will increase in value over time, and you can consider both as important assets within your portfolio.

Additionally, while many NFTs are a variation on a design that number into the 1000s and are often rushed or partially auto-generated or auto replicated by the creator, these pieces were painted by hand and took many hours to complete a single work, one that was treated with care and consideration.

Conclusion & Official Release Dates

Ultimately though, the goal of the Captivating Canvases team in creating an NFT that brings together the best ideas and value of the old and new art worlds is skilfully done, and the NFT collection promises to be valuable and worthy of collecting, in a move which could help bring NFTs to a wider audience.

The auction for the digitized paintings will take place from Sunday, January 9th, and last until January 16th at 12pm EST.


Website –

The link to the Open Sea auction will be found on the website once the auction is live.

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