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Buyer of Jack Dorsey’s First Tweet Has Been Arrested in Iran

Buyer of Jack Dorsey’s First Tweet Reportedly Arrested in Iran

Sina Estavi, who was the businessman behind the purchase of Jack Dorsey’s First Tweet which he bought for a whooping $2.9 Million dollars. One of the most expensive NFT’s ever sold in the history of NFT and also one of the most expensive Tweet on Twitter. He has been arrested in Iran according to a now-deleted message posted on his verified Twitter account.

The question still arises as to why the arrest happened as Iranian officials confirmed the arrest of the members of his Estavi’s company. It is still not clear as to why he was arrested.

The Officials in Iran seized the Estavi’s Twitter account and posted ““The owner of this media outlet was arrested on charges of disrupting the economic system, by order of the Special Court for Economic Crimes.”

The tweet also stated that additional information is available on Organized Crime Investigation Center website, which is an affiliate of the Cyber Defense Command of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. The tweet was posted on Monday at 08:48 a.m. UTC (4:48 a.m. ET).

Additional information was posted on Crime Investigation Center’s website which said that the members were arrested on grounds of disrupting the the country’s economic system as ordered by the Special Economic Crimes Court.

Estavi is the head of the Malaysia-based cryptocurrency exchange CryptoLand. According to Estavi, Jack Dorsey’s Tweet was like Leonardo Da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa,” calling it a “piece of human history.”

He had fought a bidding war with Tron founder, Justin Sun over Jack Dorsey’s first tweet finally buying it for $2.9 Million Dollars.

However, Estavi’s was still in the eyes of many people as accused of, unofficial allegations. Estavi was sued by Mate Tokay, co-founder of for failing to compensate Tokay for his services as an adviser on the Bridge project, as well as using his name to promote the project and its native token BRG.

Soon after, Estavi bought the tweet, Bridge users started accusing him of committing fraud and misleading investors on Twitter.

The statement from the Cyber Organized Crime Investigation Center hinted that the BRG project was “illegal, unreliable and unsupported” and said users in Iran are still caught in the trap of fraudulent activities associated with cryptocurrencies “due to lack of financial literacy and knowledge of investing in cyberspace.” – Coin

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