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Black Seed Ink 304 Grade Stainless Steel Plates For Etching Crypto Related Data For Safe Storage

To ensure the safety of your seed, you must make a duplicate of it and store it somewhere secure. Steel plates with a sheet thickness of 8 millimetres are the best choice. Thats were Black Seed Ink comes in.

In the crypto realm, no one else can aid you since you are the security. After acquiring cryptocurrency, the first step is to get the private key and remove it from the internet. Hardwallets and coldwallets like Ledger and Trezor serve this function primarily.

If you lose or damage the hard wallet containing your recovery seed phrase, you will lose all of your cryptocurrency money associated with the private key stored within. The recovery seed phrase is required if your hardwallet is lost or destroyed. It may be replaced and reprogrammed. To ensure the safety of your seed, you must make a duplicate of it and store it somewhere secure.

Steel plates with a sheet thickness of 8 millimetres are the best choice. The seed phrase words are etched into the steel plate using a tungsten carbide scribe. Your recovered seed is safe from fire and water damage, as well as the perishability of paper. Steel, on the other hand, keeps it safe.

What is Black Seed Ink?

High-quality 304 stainless steel plates from Black Seed Ink may be used to securely encrypt cryptographic data. Do not rely on paper for the safekeeping of your recovery seeds, secret phrases, and master passwords. Paper is being thrown away, chewed by your pet, or splattered with chalk by a two-year-old in the house.

In the event of a fire, flood, or even a simple coffee spill, paper is readily destroyed. Aside from theft, engrave your recovery data on steel to avoid any other loss. Store your plates in a well-ventilated environment to keep them safe.

The Amazing Idea Creation Behind Black Seed Ink

Black Seed Ink, LLC is excited about the potential of cryptocurrencies. ‘ As of 2021, the corporation was founded in California, where the steel plates were developed. Blockchain, cryptocurrency, and artificial intelligence certificates from UC Berkeley and Babson College have been received by the founder since 2017. The company’s goal is to make digital money easier to understand and less complicated so that more people can benefit from using it.

In the crypto community, security is paramount, and Black Seed Ink is an essential step in helping members take control of their private keys, store them safely in a cold storage device, and safeguard their investment. They put their faith in cryptography!

What Core Problem Does It Solves?

Black Seed Ink is a solution to the challenge of storing what may possibly be very valuable data related to cryptocurrency and non-financial technology investments.

The solutions offered by competitors were either too difficult, overly costly, or ineffectual. Because it is the most user-friendly method, etching into steel is the most intelligent answer. Black Seed Ink contains all of the tools you’ll need, including a tungsten carbide scriber, so you can get started right away.

The Benefits and Features of Black Seed Ink

A solution to protect cryptographic data from fire, water, and corrosion harm started in 2020 when Robin began working with engineers.

Due to its superior heat resistance, 304 grade steel was chosen over copper or aluminium. Steel was less expensive than titanium, yet it had the same high performance. Finally, after several iterations and revisions, the Black Seed Ink plates were ready for retail sale.

It will be put to the test in the real world by Bitcoin specialist Jameson Lopp. The findings of Lopp’s testing of the various recovery seed backup devices may be seen on his blog. There are now over 50 competitors, and Black Seed Ink is the most physically beautiful and cost-effective of them all.

Plates made with Black Seed Ink withstand a 2000°F flame test, a 12-hour acid bath, and a 20-ton hydraulic punch to the belly. There was zero data loss on the plates, and they got an A+ in each of the three categories.

In the wake of Lopp’s stress test, it became clear that our basic design, high quality, low cost, and effective solution were ideal for commercial application. Black Seed Ink’s popularity skyrocketed, and it has now spread to over 30 nations. “ Co-founder Robin Hillary agrees.

How To Use Black Seed Ink and How Much Does It Cost?

Unlike any other recovery seed solution on the market, the design of Black Seed Ink plates outperforms it. All of the plates have been matte coded to protect them from corrosion. To assist the user in staying on track when etching, guidelines have been placed on the steel platform. If you buy two or more plates, you will also get a set of screws and washers to use to join the plates together and keep the data safe from prying eyes.

The price of a single plate begins at $25. The most popular sellers are two plates for $35 and four plates for $60, which are designed for professional users.


A “Seed phrase,” also known as “seed recovery passphrase” or “backup seed phrase,” contains all the information needed to restore your hardware wallet and obtain access to your cryptocurrency on the blockchain. In most circumstances, a user is given a 12-to 24-word passphrase and told to write it down on paper while setting up the hardware wallet. Parchment, more fragile and perishable than an electronic hardware wallet is preferred. It’s possible to lose all of your crypto fortune before the fire ever has a chance to damage your backups, either to an accidental coffee spill or one nosy two-year-old.

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Black Seed Ink is a promising newcomer to the market. When it comes to safeguarding the seedphrase from fire and rust, the device employs 304 grade stainless steel plates coated in a matte black matte finish. In Jamison Lopp’s epic stress test, these plates received an A rating after being subjected to torches, acids, and crushing.

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