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10 Best Ways To Promote NFT Artworks and Collectibles

With the NFT market bigger than ever with no signs of slowing down, now is the right time to get involved in the world of NFTs.

For creative minds, designing and producing NFT art and collectibles is something that comes naturally. The tricky part is getting your work noticed. Creating an NFT only to find it doesn’t garner any attention is a frustrating experience that often puts people off continuing their efforts.

So you and your work don’t go unnoticed, we’ve put together the 10 best ways to promote NFT art and collectibles.

Some of these you may have already considered, and some you may not have pursued yet. A good promotion campaign will explore almost every avenue, and you never know where the next lead will come from, so experiment and see which methods are successful for you.

Why you should promote your NFTs

First, let’s quickly go over why it’s important to promote your NFTs.

Ultimately, creators of NFTs are looking for both financial success and establishing a reputation. While creativity is an expression that will always find form, the NFT space provides an opportunity to reap some pretty nice benefits from your talents.

And, just as with traditional art and creative pursuits, it’s no good just making something and putting it away where nobody can see it. Unless you’re already a well-known figure in the scene, nobody is going to come knocking on your door asking to see your creations.

Instead, you need to shout about your creations from the rooftops.

For NFT’s, this involves a variety of social media efforts and interaction with the NFT community. Through the methods detailed below, you’ll not only generate interest in your NFT projects, but you’ll also establish yourself as a person of interest. Keeping yourself on the radar is as important as making sure your work is noticed.

With this in mind, let’s get to promoting our NFTs.

Twitter is the Best, The King!

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The NFT space and Twitter go hand in hand. Consider Twitter the Town Hall of NFTs where people go to make announcements, rub shoulders with influential people, and simply be seen.

As the central hub for the NFT community, Twitter is a great tool for networking. Using tags such as #NFT, you can easily interact with other artists, creators, investors, platform admins, following influential people.

The key is not to be shy. Engage with others on the platform by tagging and adding meaningful and useful comments on the posts of others, especially those who you want your work associated with. By being an insightful member of the Twitter community, others will end up following your account.

Twitter’s “List” feature can be especially useful for getting attention. These curated lists of accounts are essentially the Twitter version of music playlists, acting as ways to recommend people to follow. Including yourself in a list amongst other carefully chosen NFT accounts can help get yourself noticed.

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Once your Twitter followership starts to gain traction, don’t be afraid to showcase your projects, providing links to the marketplace it’s hosted on.


NFT Giveaways are some of the best ways to promote your NFT project. NFT Giveaways are essentially, giving FREE NFT’s to random people who join your Giveaway and perform certain actions, such as liking, retweeting and sharing your NFT Tweet and Profile with others, at the same time following your NFT Twitter account.

For Beginners, it’s a great way to gain new followers quickly, and get new members on board joining your Discord Server in return for giving away your NFT.

Take a look at what 911RGARAGE is doing. Alongside their core NFT project that consists of 10,000 NFT’s, they are going to host a giveaway where they will be giving away Scene NFT’s for FREE and free rides on Super Cars and Race Cars.

Join their Discord Community to learn more about their NFT project.

Instagram has the Potential for Brand Awareness

CHIANG MAI, THAILAND – AUG 26, 2018: A woman holds Apple iPhone X with Instagram application on the screen at cafe. Instagram is a photo-sharing app for smartphones.

As a visual platform, Instagram is one of the best ways to promote NFT artworks and collectibles.

Whether you’re sharing a collectible or a digital artwork, an eye-catching NFT is going to have people pausing mid-scroll to take a better look. With the right tags and the attention of the right accounts, Instagram can really help to get a bit of recognition.

The most important tags to include when looking to promote an NFT are:

  • #nft
  • #nftart
  • #nftartist
  • #nftcommunity
  • #nftcollector

It’s important not only to use your Instagram account to promote your work. By sharing other aspects of your work, people become a lot more engaged with you as a creator and are more likely to invest in your projects.

For example, ensure your Instagram feed has plenty of clips and screens of your creation process. People love getting a glimpse behind the curtain, and by showing how much hard work goes into a quality NFT, you’ll gain followers who will remember you.

NFT Calendar and Event Sites

If you’re planning an NFT drop, it’s always worth adding it to the NFTCalendar, a place where events can be submitted and listed for free.

Simply submit a new event, giving it a catchy – but suitable – title and accompanying description, and if approved, you’re NFT drop will be listed for all to see.

While NFTCalendar is the first of its kind, more NFT event aggregators will likely appear. Ensuring your projects are listed on these sites is not only good for creators (helping others to find their work) but good for collectors who can find drops a lot easier.

Popular and interesting drops also get the benefit of being promoted on these platform’s social media feeds.

With it being free to list events on NFTCalendar and others likely to follow suit, there’s no reason not to promote your project in this way.

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Reddit is a Great Place

Home to countless tightly-knit online communities, Reddit is one of the most powerful tools in your NFT promoting kit.

With tech-savvy users often checking post histories, you’ll want to establish yourself in the community before promoting your NFT. Simply diving in with a new account and pumping your project will likely be met with little to no fanfare.

Instead, you’ll want to engage with the communities and try to derive and add some value to them. Helpful comments with a lot of upvotes will often lead to people checking your profile where you can breadcrumb to your NFT projects. Sticky-worthy guides and interesting topics will also prove to the community that you are a person to take note of.

The subreddits most relevant to the promotion of NFTs are:

These two communities are bullish for NFTs and thriving with creators, collectors, and the curious.

Once established, sharing your projects on Reddit is a great way to drive traffic your way.

Other Forums

Other forums are also worth exploring to promote your NFT projects. With most NFT platforms having their own discussion forums or Discord channels, these are a great place to start.

Rarible forums, for example, offer a place to discuss everything NFT related. It’s also a good place to promote your own work after becoming part of the community.

With the space growing ever-bigger, enjoying interest from people not just involved in the crypto community, spreading buzz further afield is worth a try too.

Investor communities can be especially beneficial to become involved in. While blatant self-promotion is never a good idea, adding to discussions, creating interest in NFTs is good for the space as a whole. By ensuring you have backlinks in signatures and profiles to where your work can be found, you’ll also never miss an opportunity.

Personal Website

Any serious NFT creator will want to have their own personal website.

This will act as a hub for all your activity, allowing those interested to see what you’re up to and where they can find your existing work. Your site will want to use good SEO practices to try and gather some organic traffic but will also want to be backlinked to from other sources like social media accounts.

The website needn’t be convoluted either. While collectible projects such as Larvlabs’ CryptoPunks site are relatively complex, a simple design can work just as well for artwork and creative works.

The website of rising star Fewocious, for example, is expressive but simple. Up top and center are, of course, the NFTs, with links to find out more about them. A personal website is a way to showcase your work as you see fit.

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It’s also a way to explain a little about yourself and your projects, something people who invest in NFTs are often interested in.

Collaborations is a Whole New Opportunity

Building a creative relationship with someone established in the NFT world opens up a lot of opportunities. One of the most lucrative is the chance to create a collaborative project.

A lot of crypto-artists and creators relish the opportunity to help support others in the community. Reaching out and asking if someone whose work you admire would like to collaborate on an NFT will net you a lot of followers and market attention.

With smart contracts making royalty sharing a reality, the risks are small and the potential benefits huge. Not only do collaborations allow artists to be more productive and learn from each other, they allow followerships to be shared, exposing audiences to NFTs they may not have otherwise seen.

Guest Posts

Writing articles for NFT blogs can help direct traffic to your projects.

Firstly, choose a topic you’re well versed in. This could be something as simple as the best way to mint an NFT or NFT trends to look out for. With an idea in mind, reach out to NFT blogs and news sites and find the contact form. Submit a proposal and ask them if they’d like you to write an entry for them in return for a backlink to your website.

Some websites won’t reply, some will say no, and some will say, “Sure, let’s get it a go.”

While the idea of writing content for free doesn’t sound great, by providing valuable content on a busy site, you’ll be rewarded with a regular stream of NFT-interested traffic. With careful funneling, these can become investors of your NFTs.

Speaking Opportunities

While not all created equal, podcasts and YouTube channels are some of the best ways to communicate your ideas to a wide audience.

Getting on a podcast with a relevant listener-ship is a guaranteed way to promote interest in your NFT projects. With most podcasts listened to while conducting monotonous activities such as driving, cleaning, and exercising, people are engaged and listening carefully to what’s being said.

Finding the interest of YouTube channels, too, is an excellent way to direct attention to your projects. Smaller channels will appreciate you reaching out and looking to do an interview or simply give some info on your project. They will likely expect you to promote their channel in return on your social media channels, but quid pro quo.

As well as reaching out personally, there are some platforms such as that help podcasts and channels match guests with hosts.

In addition, there are now platforms such as Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces that accommodate audio conversations. These are public spaces that anyone can join and listen to, with the hosts deciding who can talk and when. These emerging speech social media platforms are producing some thriving communities. Getting involved early is vital.

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Discord is at another level

Complimenting the Twitter NFT community, Discord allows more dynamic conversations to emerge.

While Twitter threads and Reddit comments allow posts to enjoy a sense of permanence, Discord is where you go to actively chat with other NFT creators and collectors.

The platform’s various NFT servers are regularly linked to in Twitter posts which you can follow to join the communities.

These communities actively encourage the sharing of work, giving constructive criticism, advice, and the forming of friendships.

With the creation and promotion process so demanding, sometimes it’s nice to hang out and chat with other like-minded people. In the process, you can do a lot more for your NFT reputation than simply blanketing links to your work.

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