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Top 7 Best Real Estate NFT Marketplace

best Real Estate NFT Marketplace

With the rapid digitalization of the modern world, almost everything is heading toward virtual reality. Isn’t it fascinating that you can own the property of your dreams with a simple click? Lets’ find out about the top 7 best NFT real estate marketplace.

NFT real estate marketplace is a rich reservoir of business opportunities. Some platforms like Decentraland and PolkaCity have converted the whole process into a fun game. You can easily buy, sell and trade property from any part of the world. By investing in the right deal, you can gain a lot of profit and earn more.

Over the recent years, many NFT marketplaces have entered into the competition. Some of the authentic and trustworthy platforms are filtered out for you below.


OpenSea is one of the most successful NFT marketplaces. It offers a different range of digital assets, from unique artworks to real estate, and the list goes on. You can find many one-of-a-kind virtual properties by searching here.

Having a trading volume of almost 1.67 billion dollars, OpenSea is the most secure marketplace for virtual buying and selling. It is a user-friendly platform, and creating an account is very easy. However, you require a virtual wallet before signing in.

OpenSea provides two types of options for buying NFT real estate. There can either be a fixed price for a property or an auction where different buyers can make offers. If the seller agrees with the proposal you made, you can then get your intended land.


Another reputable NFT marketplace for virtual and digital assets is Decentraland. It gives you the chance to buy virtual land and build a virtual community. You can explore, interact and play games within this online world.

Once you get ownership of the land, you can then create anything you prefer. It can be a static scene or an engaging game. Decentraland consists of a virtual economy that enables the users to do transactions and monetize their properties. You can even rent them out or sell them through auctions.

The plot on Decentraland can cost up to thousands of dollars. It has even grabbed the attention of the online art community. Many digital artists have bought real estate on Decentraland and built art galleries for showcasing their work there.


Cryptovoxels is a well-known and trustable marketplace for virtual property. About eighty percent of the land sold here has already undergone development.

You can pick specific land areas from their site menu. Once you like any of them, select them and purchase them using your virtual wallet. The visuals of Cryptovoxels world are pixelated, making it appealing and attractive to the users.

Besides, it has a wide range of controls that assist you in building whatever you plan. You can add colors, images, and even audio files of your choice. It is a fun way of bringing out your architectural skills.

The virtual world of Cryptovoxels allows you to

  • Create your avatars
  • Build anything you are interested in
  • Buy and sell virtual plots
  • Interact with other people and enjoy while playing.

Polka City:

Polka City gives the users ownership of many virtual locations. It can become a great source of income. The process of being a part of Polka City is simple as compared to other marketplaces. You can enter it without having to open another blockchain wallet.

Each location is an NFT with the actual value and allows you to generate income. The assets provided on Polka City are contract-based, and you will get paid for it. The procedure of making your online property here is similar to that of an actual city. The more people you will attract to your virtual land, the more profit you will earn.

The few simple steps to start earning at Polka City include

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  • Choosing your assets
  • Sending a payment to the contract address
  • Receiving NFT
  • Getting paid every week


SuperWorld virtual real estate provides you a variety of over sixty-four billion plots. Whatever you may be interested in, from historical landmarks to stadiums and scrappers, you can have them all. It allows you to find a property that holds sentimental value for you. Thus, you will be able to create a world of your imagination virtually.

These digital assets are tradable and permit you to buy and sell them. SuperWorld offers you to own a unique and irreplaceable piece of land that is digitally scarce. It will only belong to you, and no one else can have the same digital property. Each plot is a rectangle of 100m x 100m and equals the size of a Yankee stadium.


AtomicMarket lets you construct your digital assets. You can not only buy and trade property through this platform but also create one too. The users can bid on these virtual lands and purchase according to their likings.

You can then market them and attract a lot of audiences.  It is a distributed liquidity marketplace. In other words, multiple websites use it simultaneously. Navigating through AtomicMarket is relatively simple and less complicated. You can identify an authentic NFT property by a validation tick.

A great benefit of this platform is that the sellers can keep the ownership until the asset gets sold. Unlike other NFT marketplaces, you don’t have to send it to the marketplace account at once. It allows you to continue trade listing your property until your previous deal reaches finalization.


Upland is a recent favorite among NFT fans due to its appealing visuals.  The users can participate in a vibrant designed ecosystem. Also, they can engage in property trading and in-game businesses.

The mapping of upland is according to real-world addresses where players can buy and sell their virtual land. Once you own a property here, it will belong to you forever unless you sell it. Besides, you can also convert your earnings into real U.S dollars.

Through this platform, you can collaborate with the online gaming community. Furthermore, you can earn profit and make new friends.

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