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5 Best NFT Projects in 2021 To Invest In

best nft projects

Non-Fungible- Tokens so called NFT’s have completely exploded in 2021 and for all the cryptocurrency enthusiastic, it’s a great news as they can now invest in some of the most profitable collectible assets right now. With Beeple, who’s already emerged victorious in the NFT scene who has just sold one of the most expensive Crypto Art, Everydays, the First 5000 days for a whopping $69 Million dollars. While, there are many other artists who have sold millions of dollars worth of NFTs. This indirectly tells us that, NFT’s do have lots of value and has a potential scope for future investments and if you’ve missed the Bitcoin Bubble the second time, you don’t want to miss the NFT hype!.

I heard of Bitcoin when it was costing just $4 dollars, was I skeptical yes, and did I invest no!. It spiked to $500 dollars and I still didn’t invest as I had no money. But when it reached that $5000 mark, I realized that it better to late than to lose it all. Today, Bitcoin has reached over $50,000 dollars and that’s more than 10,000% increase over the course of 10 years. Such is the case with NFT’s and it is currently at it’s $400 – $500 trend. I am pretty sure, NFT’s are going to be “THE THING” very soon and it will be wise enough at least give it a shot.

Today, In this Article, I will show you some of the best NFT Projects that are currently being heavily invested in. These are projects created by Artists, Creative Companies and many talented Creators.

Masterpiece NFT collection by Klaus Guingand

NFT Project Link –

On October 21 on OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace, Klaus Guingand will be making his first foray into NFT art. He will be putting himself up for auction, or rather, to be more specific, a unique “Klaus Guingand NFT Title of Ownership”. The auction also includes two NFT videos, one of ‘Beats of my heart” the other “My first dream”, as well as 37 unique photos of his most recent echocardiogram. These first NFTs are the foundation of a story the artist will create in NFT art.

About the Artist | Klaus Guingand

Klaus Guingand is an artist who has been encouraged by Leo Castelli and supported by art critic Pierre Restany, two legends in the history of art. He is known for his immortalization of the shadows of 200 celebrities, who posed for him and cosigned his works : Leonardo DiCaprio, Jasper Johns, Steven Spielberg, Kate Moss, Iggy Pop, Helmut Newton, Yayoi Kusama and others. In 1995, he exhibited at the Louvre in Paris, and sold 100 of his Ombres paintings at auction to support the fight against AIDS. Since 2015, he’s also known as the artist who created the only global work of art in history, Art Warning the World. The work defends freedom, and features 200 artists living in the 200 countries of the worlds.

GENERIS NFTS – “of its own kind “

Generis NFTS tie an NFT to an domain that only carries that one piece of art.  Generis comes from the term sui generis which means “of its own kind “.  A generis domain is a domain name assigned to an individual thing such as a unique piece of artwork, musical composition or anything that exist in singular fashion.  For example, the Mona Lisa painting exist online in multiple forms, but the physical painting exists in one location.  A generis domain would tie the Mona Lisa’s complex hash address to an easily remembered domain like  It can live other places, but this domain is this piece of arts official website where no other artwork lives.  You go to the domain and you only see the Mona Lisa along with information pertaining to this particular artwork.  The idea for generis domains is to declutter online spaces and make the art more personal where visitors can focus on that individual piece of work rather than be bombarded with multiple links and other information.  Most artists have a website with their entire portfolio, while a generis domain would contain just one nft from their collection.

I created generis domains as an alternative way to display and promote nfts while adding another layer of security through domain ownership.  If you don’t have all pieces of the generis nft you don’t own the artwork. My current collection of Generis NFTs, whether in a series or individually, are sold as one offs in a package along with the domain, website and physical piece of artwork giving the buyer all facets of the piece for display. will contain a catalog of verified Generis NFTs where collectors and art lovers can enjoy a unique experience while viewing art online.


1. Crypto Kitties

Crypto Kitties is one of the earliest forms of NFT Projects founded by Bryce Blandon. It is basically the Crypto Version of Pokemon Cards. It was built by San Francisco-based design studio AxiomZen. The basic idea behind Crypto Kitties is essentially collecting and breeding different types of Cats or Kitties. There is a specific way by which different cats are categorized which is based on a number of factors like Cat Attributes and features (Cattributes), Type of Cats, It’s generation, looks and much much more. It is these qualities that determine whether the Cat will be rare and valuable or not, which indirectly influences the price of the Kitty.

For example, Cats are also categorized by generations. So, if you own a cat that is of Generation Zero, it is basically like one of the first generations of cats to come into the world. They are known as founder cats and are worth a lot of money!. The “Genesis” Cat is probably the 1st cat to ever be born. It is like the Adam and Eve of Crypto Kitty universe and the cat sold for a whooping $113,000 Dollars USD. Today, of course the cat is worth over a million dollars.

Similarly, Kitties of 2 generations can be breeded and a totally new off spring will be born. Players having different kitties can breed with one another to produce an off spring. The player who receives the off spring will pay some amount to the one who is willing to breed his cat with another player. This is essentially how players make some money from Crypto Kitties and this process is called searing.

While breeding can also produce completely new genes as each crypto kitties comes with their own genes that has passed on from the founder kitties.

Here’s a full guide that I have made to understand Crypto Kitties in a more detailed manner and learn how you can actually play crypto kitties and make money from it.


CryptoKitties Guide: Types of Kitties

CryptoKitties Guide: How To Breed Kitties?

2. Crypto Punks

Launched on June 23, 2017, Crypto Punks began as an experiment where founders Matt Hall and John Watkinson created a software program that could generate thousands of pixelated 24X24 punk characters.
About 10,000 of them were generated, each of them having their own personality, style trait and the same experiment let to what we now call “Crypto Punks”. Crypto Punks became one of the most interesting NFT projects, as it directly related with the concept of Non-fungible-tokens. That touching the idea of rarity and uniqueness.

Because out of the 10,000 Punks, there are 6039 Male Punks, 3,840 female Punks. 696 of them wear hot lipstick while 303 have muttonchops. There are 286 Punks with 3-D glasses, 128 rosy-cheeked Punks, 94 Punks with pigtails, 78 Punks with buck teeth and 44 beanie-wearing Punks.

This means that, the 44 punks with Beanie’s can be sold for a very high price as they are extremely rare. Similarly, there are only 9 Alien Punks and these went on sale for over $7.5 Million dollars.

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Crypto Punks however is very expensive, and the average Crypto Punk will cost you over $10,000 while you can sell them for over $50,000 to $70,000 depending upon which Punk character you are buying.

3. NBA TopShot

NBA Topshot is a blockchain based trading card platform that allows users to buy, sell and trade unique versions of trading cards that also display video highlights of NBA players associated with the card.

NBA Topshot is essentially sports trading cards mixed with similar principles of crypto currency that is NFTs. The project began in the July of 2019 between National Basketball Association and Dapper Labs.

Basically, NBA cuts the highlights and Dapper Labs decides how many of those highlights, they are going to sell. The highlights are placed inside a digital pack, similar to a Booster Boxes in many of the Trading Card Games like Pokemon. They are then priced and the pricing depends upon the value and quality of the video highlight and the stardom level of the player.

Once a buyer buys a highlight, it is encrypted to the buyer’s secure wallet and it is upto the buyer to resell it in the NBA Topshot Marketplace.

NBA Topshot is probably one of the hottest projects to invest in 2021. It’s also potentially very profitable as if you get hold of booster packs for less than $100 dollars, those can be sold for a higher price in the future. The only problem is that, normally, when they release any card packs, it get’s sold out very quickly.

4. Beeple

Beeple is one of the most reputed artists in the NFT world. He is the first man to ever sell an NFT for a staggering $69 Million dollars. His artwork collection called “Everydays: The first 5000 days” is no doubt one of the most expensive NFTs in the world and it seems very logical to invest in his NFT’s. Christie’s also said that it is the first purely digital Non-Fungible Token (NFT) based artwork offered by a major auction house.

Beeple has been around in the NFT sphere for a very long time and many of his artworks sell for more than a million dollars. I’d say if you have the capital for investing, you’d should definitely give Beeple’s work a shot. Not only does he make amazing art, but his artworks are worth a lot of money.

5. Sorare

We’ve heard about Dapper Labs, Crypto Punks and Crypto Kitties and the next big one in the NFT game is Sorare. Not only is their aim and goal very promising but they’ve already teamed up with big sports names like Liverpool, AC Milan and Paris Saint-Germain.

They are essentially on the run to create digital trading cards of these teams that can be sold, traded and collected in different NFT platforms. And here players can create their own line-up and put their squad to test.


So, these were some of the best NFT projects in 2021. Sure, many of them are very promising, especially Crypto Kitties and NBA TopShot. There are many more projects to come in 2021 and 2022 so stay tuned for that. Thanks for reading and as always, keep collecting, Cheers!.

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