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Top 10 Best NFT Marketplaces for Musicians

Best NFT Marketplaces for Musicians

The year 2021 is quickly becoming known as the year of NFTs. The concept of NFTs isn’t exactly the newest idea as it has been around for a few years already. But this is the year in which people have started to make the idea mainstream.

If you didn’t know already, NFTs are digital items whose sources can be verified without being copied or changed after being created. This is a huge step for digital products as now they can be traced. It has been a huge issue in the last 20+ years for people creating digital items to then have them copied by someone on the internet. This has also caused many people to have doubts about the value of digital items.

But this is now changing thanks to blockchain technology. And it is starting to change the music stage – pun intended. Artists now have the chance to take full control of their work and benefit from it directly. Music NFTs now allow artists to move away from having a record label take most of their profits.

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Some marketplaces allow people to mint NFTs. In other words, they can verify their digital asset (like an unreleased song or hit) and have the platform generate the necessary code and verify it. Once this is done, the artist can then go about selling the NFT. So, this leads to the big question – what are the best platforms to sell music NFTs?

We’ve got you covered. Here is a full list of the 10 best NFT marketplaces for music.

1. OpenSea

OpenSea is by far the biggest and most widely used platform for NFTs. And this includes music NFTs. It has been designed and run in such a way that its niche in the market is overall very open. What we mean is that it doesn’t matter what NFT you want to make or sell, you can do it on OpenSea.

You can think of them like you would Amazon. You can buy almost any products on Amazon; their niche is very generalized. The marketplace at OpenSea is free to use and offers a place to also mint NFTs. It has over 4 million product offerings making it the ideal place for artists to start selling their music NFTs.

2. NFT Showroom

This is a platform that is based on the Hive crypto-currency. It is really cheap and easy to get making the NFT Showroom platform a great place for artists to showcase their work. NFT Showroom is known as a place where more rare products are for sale. So, if you are an artist with some unreleased songs, this might be the place for you. Just note, they only sell NFTs and don’t offering a minting service.

3. SuperRare

This is an NFT marketplace that advertises itself as “Christies meets Instagram” platform. It is still in its early stages and only allows a small number of artists currently. But here artists are selected personally, allowing the chance of gaining some exclusivity. Just be aware that they give you 85% of the total price paid.

4. Nifty Gateway

This is a fantastic NFT marketplace that was made to make NFTs more accessible to anyone interested. This platform has had artists like Grimes and Deadmau5 sell their work. It is quite large and is aimed specifically at music NFTs. It’s a great place overall to have music NFTs on.

5. Rarible

This is a more bespoke NFT platform that allows artists looking to do smaller NFT collections rather just any music NFTs. If this is the type of NFT that interests you, it would definitely be one worth considering. It is also a platform that is aiming to create a decentralized means of authority. This means that the users would ultimately determine how the platform operates.

6. Foundation

This is a very new NFT platform that is aiming to allow a space for artists to experience the creative economy for themselves. The platform works by having artists choose other artists to join the platform. Making it a very exclusive club to join. A person cannot simply join, but has to be invited. It is definitely something to aim for if wanting to increase your NFT prices.

7. MakersPlace

This is a very niche-based platform that is for unique NFTs. It is a platform that has been designed for artists who want to have very limited-edition collections available to their fans. It allows for a more personal connection between artists and their fans.

8. Mintable

 The biggest difference between this platform and others is its offering of gasless minting. It allows the ability to not pay gas fees when creating an NFT. But do be aware that it also offers the chance of receiving up to 5% back on secondary sales.

9. Decentraland

As you can imagine from the name. You are aware of what the company’s aim is. And it does apply to the music industry as well – so it is quite appropriate for music NFTs. It is very big on a creating a virtual world (part of the metaverse) where people can create and sell digital items. It is worth having a look at as it offers great benefits to sellers in terms of its clientele.

10. NFT Tone

Last but not least in our list of NFT marketplaces is NFT Tone. An NFT marketplace with the sole purpose of being orientated towards artists who want to sell audio files as NFTs. So, this would exclude artwork covers and signatures etc. It offers really low minting fees and even accepts USD as payment to get into crypto.

Final Thoughts

As one can clearly see. There is definitely no shortage of platforms where one can sell their music and related digital files as NFTs. Our advice on finding the platform that would best suit you, would be to do your research. Firstly, try to identify what you want to sell and how you want to sell it. After that, have a look at what platform above would be best suited to you.

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