Top 7 Best NFT Marketplaces For Artists

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Purchasing digital collectibles and using blockchain technology to display the owners is a clever way to build a demand in the world of NFTs. If you’re looking for the right places to buy and sell these NFTs, look no further than the list we’ve compiled below.

Rarible is a marketplace for NFTs, related to Open Sea. Rarible, has a very cool feature where users can create NFTs of their pictures and then sell them. Users have the option of producing multiple NFTs from the same picture or limiting supply and selling only one, making them scarcer. Rarible helps users to construct an art portfolio and even set up ongoing payments from resales for the rest of their lives.

Open sea is indeed a peer-to-peer auction site for NFT, similar to eBay in the NFT setting. Collectibles, game pieces, and other virtual valuables can be purchased, sold, and exchanged. Open sea is the world’s largest marketplace for user-owned digital products, with over 4 million items listed across a number of categories. The blockchain safeguards all of the objects.

Foundation App NFT

Foundation is a niche forum that brings together digital developers, crypto natives, and enthusiasts to advance culture. It’s called the “great innovative economy.” It is primarily concerned with digital art.

Once an NFT trades on Foundation, the artist receives 10% of the secondary transaction value, i.e., when a collector resells their work to someone else for a higher price, the artist receives 10% of the sales value.


Christie’s has held some of the most prestigious and well-known auctions in history, serving as a renowned showcase for the rare and beautiful. Every year, Christie’s holds approximately 350 auctions in over 80 divisions, featuring fine and decorative arts, jewelry, portraits, collectibles, wine, and more. Prices range between $200 and more than $100 million.

Christie’s has both a long and active track record of performing private sales for its customers in a variety of categories, with a focus on Post-War and New, Impressionist and Modern, Old Masters, and Jewellery.

Axie marketplace

Axie Infinity is a Pokemon-inspired online pet universe in which players use their adorable Axies in a variety of games. The Axie Infinity Universe uses a “Play to Earn” gameplay model and a player-owned economy to demonstrate the advantages of blockchain technology.

Players will carry their Axies to the marketplace and sell them in an auction format.

Depending on the seller’s purpose, the price will go down and up from the starting price to the end price over time.

Nifty Gateway.

Nifty Gateway collaborates with leading artists and brands to produce limited-edition, elevated Nifties that are only available on the website. Nifty Gateway also serves as a centralized, USD-based market for buying and selling Nifties. Nifty Gateway allows you to show your Nifties, as well as extract them to external wallets and deposit Nifties into your set from external wallets.


SuperRare is a social forum that promotes crypto art production and selection. Pixura was founded by John Crain, the company’s CEO, and Jonathan Perkins, the company’s Chief Product Officer. Since its inception, SuperRare has partnered with artists and understands the importance of attending to the needs of both artists and collectors.


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