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Axie Infinity


Playing games is not just about having fun – real gamers know how to turn their passion into money. Blockchain technology has taken this concept of monetizing gaming to a whole new level, and now it has become a separate business model – the play-to-earn model.

This development is advancing in both developed and developing nations, these games being the source of providing a handsome amount of money to all eager players around the globe. These blockchains are different from the usual ones that you will see in stores. The players in these games can own in-game currencies as well as digital assets. They are able to trade, share, and sell earnings with different players according to their wishes. While you have to invest in other games, blockchain games actually become a source of income for you.

1. Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity has a lot to offer when it comes to crypto investment. It takes its lead from the famous games Crypto Kitties and Pokemon. The gamers invest in and then breed tiny creatures known as Axies as they battle the players in the special PVP mode. The game is also available in AI in the PvE mode.

The players will need to get at least three Axies for getting started, with the least expensive of the starting price of 0.0421 Ethereum, which is approximately 75 US Dollars. It eventually means that the investment is quite heavy at the start, but if you spend some time and effort on the game, you will earn a lot of SLPs or Small Love Potions. SLPs are regarded as the tokens in the game that can be utilized for breeding more Axies that can then get sold to different players. The higher count of the Axie breed means the game will be more expensive as it progresses.

2. Sorare Fantasy Football Game

Football card collection and fantasy football are two highly amazing games that were very popular in the past times. The Sorare Fantasy Football Game is the combination of two in the blockchain generation. The digital card collectibles come with a huge amount of money with them.

You will be able to win the points with the help of a fantasy team that consists of five players, which depends on the overall performance of the players involved in the games. The players are able to get more and more payouts or cards in the blockchain currency if their team performs well. The currency then functions as the real in-game currency, though gamers are able to fund their accounts with the help of fiat too.

Just like any other game of blockchain, the potential for earning more and more money is through more playing. One can do so by getting an all-conquering gamer team or through active trading of the digital collectibles as they get high in their value.

3. MegaCryptoPolis3D

The crypto game is based on blockchain, similar to the SimCity game. You will be a part of the metropolis construction through MMO and Ethereum, where you are able to trade, construct, and further monetize a plot that is located on the game map. This decentralized area will allow you to earn more money as you further invest in your plots there.

The game went to DeFi through its launching of the token called the $MEGA. It provides a whole lot of different options for the players that involve liquid mining, farming, and then trading on any kind of DEX.

4. Decentraland

The virtual worlds are a great business present in the blockchain world. The game comes in the category of the dominant platforms in that aspect. The game works on the basis of Ethereum currency, where the users are allowed to trade, develop, and then monetize the land they buy.

The game comes under the DAO classification, which stands for Decentralized Autonomous Organization. The users who have MANA tokens can take an active part in the governance system of the project and the way the multiverse gets run. The tokens are earned through different exchanges or through in-game currencies. However, ideal liquidity comes from Binance. The marketplace has a lot to offer when it comes to investments.

5. Infinite Fleet

The Infinite Fleet is based on spacecraft and fiction. The MMO allows the gamers to lead the United Sol Federation of the starship for fighting against the typical Atrox aliens. The weapons, as well as the ships, are getting upgraded together with a co-op mode which will help you in teaming up with your friends for fighting the great battle together. The currency of the game is INF which has a fixed supply issued to the gamers as a part of the Proof-of-Participation business model.

6. The Sandbox

This game was released in the year 2012 in the form of a regular mobile and Windows game. However, it was turned into a blockchain game when Animoca Brands purchased this game in 2018. The game revolves around the users’ creativity and the type of content they create for the Sandbox multiverse, which expands with every addition.

Users are able to generate in-game objects via the function of VoxEdit and then have them sold in the marketplace of Sandbox. It utilizes three different tokens, enabling the users to do so. The Sand is a kind of a token and the currency through which the transactions occur works as the main feature for the interactions and transactions of the ecosystem.

7. The Six Dragons

The Six Dragons is a feature-rich, fantasy Open World RPG inspired by some the most iconic titles of the past two decades.

Powered by Enjlin, a gaming platform that is quite popular among blockchain game developers. This is because the platform creates an ecosystem of products that prove beneficial for humanity in the creation of advance level virtual economies, all due to blockchain technology.

The developers make the games and then mint the tokens, which power them while offering marketplace services and offering wallets as well. The Enjin Coin is actually a token that is the basis of all the in-game currencies in the platform games, enabling the assets to get traded for free.

This blockchain game focuses on maintaining shape and running it in a typical decentralized form. The genre of fantasy is much well-practiced in both blockchain and conventional gaming, but the game is truly fun and offers the gamers ample room to figure out the platform as they trade a variety of different items.

8. Neon District Crypto

The Neon District game is based on a science fiction theme and is regarded among the best in the whole niche. The game comes with an interesting cyberpunk theme and views the players fighting different enemies present in Unity City that is filled with oracles, crime syndicates, genetic mods, winding plots, and cogs. What’s more, there will be a lot of intriguing characters who will be questionable morally.

The crypto game is actually designed by Blockade devs which is the functioning team behind the Plasma Bears that are defunct in nature. It also shows enemies to the battle and different trading card mechanics for the game bottle as well as puzzles for solving. The mechanics and other tools are there to help you get more familiar and hone in your quest of the huge cityscape. The first series features a single-player mode, and the upcoming series enhances the overall scope of the crypto game through a feature that enables the gamers to fight in double player mode.

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9. Age of Rust Crypto Game

The game comes with fascinating features – the single-player with the first narrative gives you the role of the Quinn 7, who is an old age hacker stored and sequence for the future times. It is your duty to cross the universe barrier and find out all the abandoned stations for space and civilization ruins present on far-off astrological bodies, such as planets.

The puzzles present in the amazing game are found in three different forms. With time, adventure progresses as well, as you find different items with the story. The puzzles for Crypto are solvable and used for making rewards of NFT, BTC, and even ENJ. Also, the crypto treasure hunts are also available throughout the game, providing a high amount of 20 BTC to the gamer. What’s more, the NFT marketplace present as a feature in the game also provides a lot of economic incentives for getting all the players hooked on the game.

10. 9Lives Arena Game

The PVP 9Lives Arena is a one-on-one, real fantasy game under the flag of the Enjin platform that comes with different classes of warriors. These warriors undergo different battles that take place in a competitive arena that gets constructed around the preparation, practice, and even death – known as the permadeath.

As you get to choose your warrior in the game, you are able to customize them according to your choice. You can also collect different skills, skins, and weapons as you win through different battles. There is also a present companion names OOOGY that will provide assistance to you as you get your warrior trained in the Atlantis ruins. The progressive warriors are able to design their personal weapons that can then be traded with the other players of the game.

These were the top 10 blockchain games through which you can earn real money.

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