Bangsta Bears NFT collection | 5,000 Gang Bangin’ Bears Spawned in the Metaverse

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Dissatisfied with the lack of gangster and mob-inspired NFT projects in the space, the team behind Bangsta Bears wanted to create something different: a community-led NFT project with a gang bangin’ theme that has utility for holders.

Decidedly badass, Bangsta Bears are a collection of 5000 tokens that do away with the cute and cuddly, opting for baseball bats, machetes, and machine guns instead. Drawing inspiration from characters from movies such as The Godfather, Scarface, Casino, and Goodfellas, the tokens are each unique, covering the gamut of gangster culture.

With the ultimate goal of creating a whole metaverse, the project is spread over both the Ethereum and Solana blockchain, making good use of both’s strengths and benefits.

Bangsta Bears NFT Collection

Central to the project is the idea of community. Unlike other projects that promise the world and underwhelm, the team behind Bangsta Bears has taken a more sensible approach.

“Too many projects make some silly roadmap that nine times out of ten, they don’t even complete or barely do anything even on it,” the official website claims.

While the team has a wealth of experience to draw from, the project aims to be community-led, opting to forego roadmaps and instead, “y’all are the ones that will decide what you’d like in the future.”

The team itself is led by entrepreneur Austin Erkl, an NFT enthusiast and investor. Alongside him, there is Tyler, a developer experienced in counseling over 10 NFT projects and many crypto projects. For the artwork, the project has employed Edrian from Valiant Graphics, who has experience creating professional pieces for big and small companies. As well as the team of moderators and community volunteers, the team is expected to get bigger as the scope of the project expands.


Combined there are a total of 5000 tokens in the project; however; the collection is split into two categories:

Bangsta OG’s: these are the original gangstas of the project. Only 250 of these tokens have been minted and reside on the Ethereum blockchain. These bears are the kingpins of the collection and, having now already been minted, can be obtained via Opensea (https://opensea.io/collection/bangstabears).

Bangsta Bears: while the Bangsta OGs are the head honchos, any organized crime syndicate worth its salt needs an army of loyal recruits. In this case, the Bangsta Bears NFT project utilizes the Solana blockchain, minting the other 4750 tokens on the network.

To date, only the OG bears have been minted. The other 4750 are set to be minted at the official website (https://www.bangstabears.com/)  starting January 28, 2022, at 5 pm EST. The mint price is just 0.39 SOL.

For those unfamiliar with the minting process, the team behind Bangsta Bears is rolling out how-to videos in time for launch.

Choosing Solana

The Bangsta Bears team has opted to utilize the Solana blockchain for a couple of reasons.

Most significantly, Solana has a market cap roughly ten times smaller than Ethereum’s. With a promising future and definite advantages over Ethereum, Solana is expected to grow exponentially over the upcoming years. For the Bangsta Bears team, this means owning a Bangsta token will bring in even bigger returns for holders than if they simply used Ethereum.

Ethereum, they claim, is and will likely remain the king of NFT blockchains, however, which is why they chose to mint the rarest 250 tokens on the network. Nevertheless, the high gas fees are now proving a sticking point for NFT collectors, and the barrier of entry is getting ever higher.

With Solana’s network fees considerably lower, the project hopes to appeal to both the NFT pro and newbie.


Owning a Bangsta Bear token brings the following benefits in the hope of building a tight-knit community:

  • Holders get direct access to the project founder Erk, an entrepreneur, and investor. Access involves weekly classes and seminars on topics such as NFTs, crypto, investing, and trading. OG holders can book one-on-one sessions once a month with Erk for advice and tips.
  • With more than a decade of experience, Erk provides stock, crypto, and NFT calls and analysis for holders.
  • Holders will be the first to benefit from a planned utility token due to launch soon.
  • Land and avatar privileges in Bangsta owned space in metaverses like Decentraland and Sandbox.
  • Exclusive airdrops and giveaways.
  • A pre-sale advantage for future projects.
  • Other advantages depend on what the community votes to do with the community funds.

With a flexible vision for the future, but a commitment to building utility for its active community, Bangsta Bears NFT Project is definitely a collection worth investing in.


500 Minted

  • 10 SOL Giveaway

1000 Minted

  • Begin community wallet with 50 SOL &
  • invest another 50 SOL into marketing

1500 Minted

  • 25 SOL Giveaway – HOLDERS / BUYERS ONLY

2000 Minted

  • First donation of 50 SOL to charity community
  • votes on (charity most likely won’t accept SOL so
  • will convert to crypto they accept)

3000 Minted

  • Add 250 SOL to community wallet bringing the total to 300 SOL

3500 Minted

  • 50 SOL Giveaway – HOLDERS / BUYERS ONLY

4000 Minted

  • Second donation of 50 SOL to a charity community votes on

4500 Minted

  • MAMA WE MADE IT – The last 250 minted will get something special, will reveal after! Will also vote on what type of land to purchase for where we will hold events


  • ERK – Founder
  • EMER – Lead Developer



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