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Avenue10 Gallery | We Turn Physical Art Performance into NFT

Avenue10 Gallery NFT

NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens are all the rage now. The future of art is moving towards digital space, and Avenue10 Gallery is completely on board. We are taking the art gallery experience to the next level with performance art NFTs. You can now buy physical art performance NFTs and get tokens for them!

Each of your Tokens will come to you in digital form, in a frame and you can display your NFT on your desk or wherever you like. Plus, you will also get extra gifts and goodies with each Avenue10 Gallery physical token.

Avenue10 Gallery NFT’S

Avenue10 Gallery is one of the firsts of its kind and we are taking digital art to the next level. For our first collection, we are featuring 5 artists and thirty-nine different physical art performances, you can turn each of these performances into NFTs that you can buy. Each of the pieces is immaculate and original and you’ll get to know much more about them when the collection drops.

You will find a microchip with each of your NFTs which directly connect to the original pieces located at our art gallery in Paris. This means each NFT is safe and secure and is bound exclusively to the real art piece. 

We are here to celebrate art and the artists and therefore all our NFTs are of course made with full consent with the artists. They will also get a portion of the profits and royalties from each artwork. So you can rest assured when purchasing NFTs from us. We are dedicated to providing you with the best quality, secure and high-end NFTs.

Avenue10 NFT Roadmap

We aim to get an x2 and x5 floor price, and we plan to do that within six months. Let’s check out the roadmap on how we plan to get there.

25% (10 NFTs)

Initially, we plan to hold an art competition featuring up-and-coming names from the digital art space. We also plan on expanding our team by hiring community managers and full-time moderators.

There’s a 2 ETH or 2 Ether budget set aside for marketing and promotions. This will help widen our reach and get a larger audience.

50% (10NFTs)

In the next stage, we aim on increasing the budget to 3 ETH or 3 Ether. We value the importance of great marketing and therefore we want to invest in it when the time is right.

During this phase, we also plan to begin partnerships with other NFT projects to grow the brand.

75% (10NFTs)

At the third stage, we want to go into the Metaverse and create a Metaverse Art Gallery. We will grant access to a select few people to this gallery and visitors can roam around and check out the art, exactly like they would in the real world. 

All NFT owners will get direct private channel access. This is also when we plan on shipping the physical tokens.


During the final stage, we plan on releasing the new collection. This time is crucial for the brand, and so our top priority will be marketing. So the budget will increase up to 5 ETH or 5 Ether.

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We also plan on further expanding our time and hiring new core team members. We’ll need more people to handle the pressure. And finally, we plan on swiping up the floor price.

How Much Does It Cost to Mint an Avenue10 Gallery NFT?

Avenue10 Gallery NFTs currently cost about 0.5 ETH or 0.5 Ether each. You can mint as many as you want per transaction. To mint an NFT, you are going to need to install MetaMask on your device. Then enter your details and set up your account. Once you have an account, go to Opensea and open an account. Then buy ETH and mint your NFT.

Your MetaMask wallet is directly linked to your Opensea account. This is where you’ll be able to see your NFTs. You can buy Ether or ETH on Binance or whichever cryptocurrency exchange you prefer. Or if you already have some, all you need to do is just transfer it to your MetaMask wallet.

Once you have your ETH in your wallet, you can set up the transaction on our website and there you go! You’ve got an NFT.


Let’s go over some of the most frequently asked questions we face. Hopefully, this will clear all your confusion about Avenue10 Gallery and NFTs.

What is an NFT?

Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs are basically like proof of ownership, which are unique and cannot be replicated. These are a digital representation of the original artwork or art performance. Each of these digital assets is stored on a blockchain.

NFTs are collector’s items and it’s similar to owning a painting or artwork. But instead of the actual art, you are paying for proof of ownership.

What is ETH?

ETH or Ether is the name of the cryptocurrency that is generated by the Ethereum protocol. This is what you can use to buy our NFTs.

You’re going to need a digital wallet to buy ETH from any digital currency exchange if you don’t already own them. To put it in simple terms, it is digital money.

When Will You Get Your Token?

Since you get a physical token with each of your NFT purchases from Avenue10 Gallery, each token will come with a box of goodies. These will be shipped once we get to the third stage of our roadmap or when about 75% of our collection gets minted.

Not only can you display your token in a frame, but you will also get other surprises and a box full of goodies, as a thank you for trusting in us.

Can You Order the Real Art Performance?

Yes, you can order the physical art performance as well. The majority of our NFTs are in a real-life art gallery situated in Paris, and these are often very expensive.

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However, physical art performances can cost anywhere between 5000 USD and 20, 000 USD. You can order these physically as well. Just contact us and we’ll give you a quote and send you all the details.

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