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Artificial Avatar NFT Collection | 333 Avatar NFTs Living in the Ethereum Blockchain

Artificial Avatar Association, a race of avatars, represents the final bastion of freedom in the metaverse’s future.

Artificial Avatar NFT

As a result, the demand for NFT’s has skyrocketed. There are certain NFTs that have bought for huge amounts of money, including those from the CryptoPunks series. Many people have formed their own collections in the NFT and crypto space as a result of this trend.

NFT, on the other hand, may be a little intimidating to begin started with. To make things a little easier, let’s take a closer look at what NFTs are, why they’re so popular, and what the future holds for them.

Introduction to Artificial Avatar NFT

As a result of the fascinating NFT project, which envisions a metaverse controlled by artificial intelligence, the Artificial Avatar Association, a race of avatars, represents the final bastion of freedom in the metaverse’s future.

There are now 333 unique #Avatars in the Artificial Avatars library on Ethereum (ETH) Blockchain. The NFT community’s most selective and active group of individuals awaits your membership.

Artificial Avatar NFT Collection Story and purpose

A pleasant and creative environment was established by the NFT team in order to involve more people in the metaverse and the bright future it has the potential to become. A tiny group of people at Artificial Avatar believes that metaverse is the future, and they wish to spread awareness of it as much as possible.

Growing childhood, the creator’s two favorite things were space and the movie Avatar, both of which he created. Over the last couple of years, he has also been more interested in the web3 and cryptocurrency spaces, and he believes that the Web-3 will have a long and prosperous future.

The authors have a great belief in nonlinear optical fibers, which they feel will be utilized for nearly everything in the future, not only for art. A unique opportunity presented itself to them, as they were able to combine two of their favorite things: space and the movie avatar. As a result, the Artificial Avatar Association was established.

NFTs are being used to promote the metaverse, but the Artificial Avatars also want to release an MMORPG on the Ethereum blockchain that will allow users to take control of their Avatars. Using their avatars, players will be able to fight, level up, gather resources, and find new avatars across the game’s open universe.

NFT Details, Features & Traits, and Total Supply

A total of 333 avatars will be made available on the first public drop by the Artificial Avatar. Each avatar is hand-curated, as opposed to creating hundreds of NFTs by code, therefore they suppose that each NFT made is flawless. Avatars are built with their own color palette in mind, and each one has over 100 qualities and attributes to choose from.

NFT Roadmap

The new road map is shown below. Keep an eye out for upcoming announcements, freebies, and a first look at the game that will be released in conjunction with the NFT project.

First Phase – Release The Association

The artificial avatars will be made available to the public on January 29th, 2022. 333 avatars will be available for purchase at a cost of 0.06 ETH each during the public mint. The association will be operational as soon as it is made public, and the real job will begin.

Second Phase – Welcome To The Association

Joining the Association Has Many Advantages:

  • Avatar owners have access to a private community.
  • Able to communicate directly with everyone in the community.
  • Unique information and updates on forthcoming NFT releases, prizes, and events.
  • As the various parts of the roadmap are finished, new advantages will become available.

Third Phase – Association Training

Real progress may be made only once you’ve taken the initial step. The Artificial Avatar intend to release a full-scale open world MMORPG on the Ethereum blockchain, in which you will be able to play as the NFTs that you have purchased. You will be able to level up your character, collect resources, and perform objectives that will aid in the achievement of victory in the primary battle. Your character advancement will earn you avatar tokens, which you may use to purchase new avatars if you reach a certain level.

Forth Phase – Season 2

Keep an eye out for what the artificial avatars have in store for you in Season 2. The community in the metaverse will be treated to a slew of entertaining activities, including a second drop of avatars, even crazier giveaways, public events, and gatherings to test the new game.

NFT Giveaways

Joining the community comes with a slew of benefits, including access to exclusive news and updates on new drops as well as changes to the game currently in development. Aside from that, the Artificial Avatar will be hosting a large number of giveaways, including NFT prizes. In addition, they offer a prestige system that lets players to trade in three of the avatars they have acquired from the public drop in exchange for a brand-new Lieutenant avatar with its own set of characteristics, colors, and backgrounds.

In addition, the development team intends to give away a brand-new computer, since you will need a computer in order to play the next game. Finally, after the release of the Alpha, they want to arrange events where members of the association will be able to come and try out the game that is currently in production before the Alpha is released to the public.

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Benefits for Holders

Avatars created with NFT technology are more than just works of digital art. In the secondary market, they are highly collectible because of their inherent worth and high collectability factor.

A Feeling of Togetherness

NFTs’ success may be attributed in part to their ability to foster a feeling of belonging among its members. Having an NFT avatar also grants you entry to a private clubhouse.

Digital Status

Additional to that, an NFT avatar represents the digital status of its owner. An OG CryptoPunks avatar, for example, has seen a significant increase in value after its first release as a result of the publicity it received.

NFT Avatars in a Metaverse

The community of NFT avatars is the foundation of a metaverse, a digital world with its own forms of identification, audience, and management.

Using Avatars To Make Money

NFT avatars have a high market value since they are rare and hard to come by. Investors buy them in the hopes that they will increase in value in the future. When one avatar in a group expresses gratitude, the others in the group are likely to do the same.

About the Artist

Currently, there are two primary individuals responsible for the creation of these NFTs: @nft dray and @NFTDAWG12. It is more likely that their handles will be preferred than their real names. Despite the fact that they only have two artists working on the NFT, they have assembled a team of about 20 developers who are now working on the game.


In the future, NFT avatars will continue to improve in terms of usability and functionality. This will lead to a more diverse NFT ecosystem that includes royalty payments, staking, gamification, and more.

Users may check out the Opensea link at to get started with NFT avatars from the Artificial Avatar.

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