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Akon is no doubt one of the greatest artists of all time. I still remember listening to his songs namely “Lonely” and “Don’t matter” while I casually play GTA Vice City on My OG PC with 14 GB of HDD and 256 GB of RAM. Yes, indeed those were the times when PCs had less than 64 GB of storage space, and having 1 GB of RAM seemed too good to be true. 1 GB of RAM was like owning an RTX 3090 honestly!.

This time, Akon has really stepped up his game and has really caught hold of the NFT bubble. In fact, being an artist, we’d expect him to create some kind of art and upload it on NFT marketplaces like Rarible and OpenSea right, but no, instead, he has launched an entire NFT platform where creative and talented artists can create NFT’s and use the platform for its distribution. As Akon says, “We believe in artists of all talents. We support artists for we are artists and there’s never been a better time to put the power back in our collective hands to create a greater connection with fans,”

What are NFT’s? – NFT stands for Non-fungible-Tokens are basically crypto tokens in the form of digital collectibles and digital assets that can be anything from original artwork, trading cards, music or anything digital which cannot be replicated, duplicated, and are unique to each other. NFT’s unlike Bitcoin and Ethereum are able to hold specific or additional data that allows the tokens to hold data like ownership of the artwork or collectibles and much much more. This makes NFT’s become traceable, meaning one can easily find the owner of a particular digital artwork on the blockchain and also the future owners of the NFT.

The Akoin team who have been working in the NFT platform for Akon has partnered with Taqo, to make the platform. The Akoin NFT platform will be used creating digital creatives, ,minting and distribution of NFT designs and are specifically made for struggling artists to help them monetize their talent.

According to the team, the Akoin NFT platform is built on Web3 architecture.

However, right now according to the news, the platform will be launched as “Invite only” but as time goes on, we are definitely sure to see the platform become open to more artists and creators.

NFT’s however has become a great way for artists to monetize their work and get paid for their years of hard work. As Beeple who became one of the richest and most valued artist by selling one of his work named “Everydays 5000” for $69 Million Dollars USD. According, to Beeple, the highest amount of money he ever got paid for his art was just $100 before NFT even came into existence.

NFT’s is definitely a thing to watch out and constantly keep an eye on. Be sure to catch up on the latest NFT topics by following our blog, NFTs Street as we regularly post news articles, trends and much much more about NFT’s.

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