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The NFT streak is continuing to rise month after month, after Crypto Punk who sold over $22,277,278.55 worth of NFT Artworks in the last seven days this April. That’s a crazy amount of money if we think about it as the real product is just 24X24 pixels artwork.

Whether, you call Larva Labs a genius or anything else is upto you. The truth is people are going crazy over those Punks, while even Logan Paul, a celebrity YouTuber has invested his own $170,000 into the artworks.

NFT’s aka Non-Fungible-Tokens are digital collectibles or assets based on the Ethereum blockchain. They are tokens just Bitcoin, however, they are non-fungible meaning they cannot be duplicated, replaced or replicated which is what makes NFT’s so unique. They have the capability to verify ownership of the digital asset which means that the data of ownership is stored in the blockchain itself and anyone can view and know who the real owner of the NFT is.

According to a Twitter Announcement on Thursday from Christie’s, 9 Rare CryptoPunks Tokens will be released on the NFT platform.

“All mint numbers under 1k and yes there is a rare Alien! Punks 2, 532, 58, 30, 635, 602, 768, 603, 757 #CryptoPunks“.

These 9 CryptoPunks are highly valued because they are all under the denomination of 1000. Which means that these were created in the beginning, as we know, there are 10,000! of them. So, having one of them under the serial number 1000 could be a big win for many. However, it can still be hard to get one as these numbers of Crypto Punks can be very pricey.

The mint numbers which are going to be released on the Christie’s NFT platform are 2, 532, 58, 30, 635, 602, 768, 603 and 757.

These Crypto Punks artwork are all going to be featured in the 255-year-old auction house’s “21st Century Evening Sale, next month in New York City.

This is going to be very special and actually very exciting for the NFT community, because not only are we going to see collectors going crazy for these punks but also, one or two of them would possibly sell for millions of dollars. As on February, 34 NFTs were bought by Whale for approx 557.5 ETH which is equivalent to over $1 million dollars USD. This shows us how even pixelated art are in great demand in the market.

As twitter User, DeGenData Tweeted ” Punk Sellers are racing to pull their punks off the market after the @ChristiesInc announcement. @DeezeFi@financenewsguy@RealAllenHena@larvalabs Are they just going to hold their Punks or are the re-listing as the price floor continues to rise?”. He further Tweeted “Offers are getting hit like crazy. Price floor has moved ~5 ETH today already. Crazy.” Prices are definitely getting hiked up after the announcement and Punk owners are running fast towards making their punks get on the run.

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