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7 Powerful Tools for Tracking NFT Collectors & Trades

As small changes can become significant ones in the NFT world. You will have to take the help of tools to get the best out of what’s happening out there.

7 Powerful Tools for Tracking NFT Collectors & Trades

As the NFT and Crypto Space can go through changes more frequently, staying up to date with everything is essential. There are always new things coming such as the minting of NFTs, announcements of projects, changes of projects, auctions, major trades going on, and tabs on collectors. So, getting updated with everything by yourself is nearly impossible. So, to make things easy for you there are a lot of tools that exist that you can use to make your life easier.

As small changes can become significant ones in the NFT world. A single trade has the potential to change an NFT project. Therefore, knowing what goes on is crucial. Twitter and Discord are reliable sources to be updated with everything but it’s not enough. You will have to take the help of tools to get the best out of what’s happening out there.

In this article, you will find the top NFT tools which can be used for tracking NFT collectors and trades it.


Ninjalerts is one of the recently released NFT and Crypto tracking services that is reliable and easy to use. It might be a recent one, but it enables users to locate particular wallet or contract addresses and receive notifications when an event occurs on either front. Users can set their phones to receive push notifications at the precise moment that minting begins, an NFT revelation occurs, or a whale or influencer makes their next move. With Ninjalerts people can even acquire a lifetime license to the mobile and web app in the form of an NFT from the company’s official OpenSea storefront.


Nansen is another platform that is a prominent tracking tool for collectors. Nansen combines on-chain data with a huge, ever-expanding database that contains millions of wallet labels. From its collection of user-friendly dashboards, Nansen provides tools like wallet profilers, smart notifications, even top holder and token distribution information, and more. 

Nansen might be a bit expensive for a lot of people but it offers a variety of things making it money well spent. Nansen offers its users services like downloadable data, unique insights/reports, live DEX transaction updates, and more in addition to tracking collectors and trades. Nansen appears to be one of the most widely used options among NFT analytics services as a platform that has endured the ups and downs of the NFT market.

Icy. tools is a leading analytics tool that surfaced in the NFT space when NFTs reached an all-time high. Users may easily find hot projects on the platform, and they can also keep tabs on floor prices, volume, past sales, and other information.

On the platform, a lot of the tools are free, and premium capabilities can be unlocked for a somewhat low monthly price. NFT maximalists favor the company because it has a voice that feels highly in line with the NFT community’s values.

DappRadar Portfolio Tracker

DappRadar is also an easy-to-use analytics tool in the NFT space. The site expanded its products to include a straightforward method to manage Ethereum wallets in real-time with the 2020 release of its portfolio tracker.

Users can quickly enter an ENS name or wallet address from the Polygon, Binance, or Ethereum chains to view the token, NFT balance, and net worth of that wallet. A portfolio tracker is a useful tool for tracking individual portfolios even though notifications and trade analyses are somewhat constrained. DeFi and NFT financial statistics are readily available.

Rainbow Wallet

Rainbow Wallet, an Ethereum wallet might be the best multifunctional wallet one can get. It functions as a portfolio tracker as well. Users can add an account to a watchlist on Rainbow by simply typing in the Ethereum wallet address or ENS name of another collector. This allows users to see the wallet’s entire contents in-app.

The ENS name or account number will appear in the dropdown menu on the account balances screen once it has been added. Users can view the coins that are in a certain wallet, their value, the NFTs that are in that wallet, and even their recent transaction history by switching back and forth between watchlist entries.

Marketplace Activity Trackers

NFT marketplace activity pages are one of the finest ways to start tracking a particular collector or collection. If you know the wallet or token address you want to observe recent transactions linked with, you can enter it into the search field on OpenSea, LooksRare, Rarible, and other sites.

Marketplace activity monitors are straightforward and practical tools that NFT collectors and traders occasionally neglect. Despite the fact that the other tools on this list are unquestionably more powerful and extensive, this is one easy way that the collectors can go.


Everyone who is familiar with the Ethereum blockchain is aware of Etherscan. Users can get a close-up view of what goes in and around the Ethereum blockchain with the help of Etherscan.

Along with being able to follow blocks as they are verified, Etherscan offers real-time tracking for token and wallet transactions. You can find out a tonne of information about which tokens and NFTs are held by an ENS name of 0x address and read the ledger of transactions connected lot that particular address by typing it into the search field.

With Etherscan users can link themselves with NFT collections as well. The users are capable of minting a token directly from a smart contract, as opposed to a third-party service like a minting website.

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