2088: Humans NFT – The Humans From War Torn Society With Mutated Abilities

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2088 Humans NFT

2088: HUMANS consists of 8,888 HUMANS NFT living on the Ethereum blockchain. These HUMANS are humans with mutated abilities from lab experimentation during 2088 in Neo Koguryo.

The Story Behind 2088: Humans NFT

The year is 2088 Neo-Koguryo. After many years of war, the world has finally had enough. It has left the generation with mutated and unwanted lab experimented humans. Crazy lab experimentation has caused some of them to possess supernatural, out of this world abilities. Telekinesis is one of them. Some choose to hide it, and only few are able master it. And, as always, chaos and destruction abound in such places of lawlessness. To maintain peace and control, the energy of Yin and Yang has taken the form of HUMANS. They are called The Eight Balancers of Life.

2088: Humans NFT

Uniquely generated from over 538 hand drawn traits, this NFT collectible collection is inspired by Cyberpunk 2077. Cyberpunk’s design is filled with neon colours, has a dystopian feel and futuristic style. Similarly, 2088:HUMANS is created to achieve this sci-fi and dystopian feel. Unique traits include red hair punk, varsity jacket, pink face tattoo, bowl blue hair, telekinesis ability… and more.

Looking through 2088:HUMANS NFT collection, you will notice that the project embraces Asian style illustration with Korean words written on some of the traits. Asian culture needs to be shared more and we see this is especially lacking in the NFT space. In an article by coin telegraph, Google Trends shows that China, Singapore and Hong Kong are the three top countries searching the keyword “NFT” on Google. Yet, we also know that Asian style illustration is still a minority in the realm of NFTs. 

Embracing the need to explore Asian culture, while creating a balance between Western and Asian culture, 2088:HUMANS takes this lack of diversity in the NFT space into account and unifies communities of HUMANS from all parts of the world, bringing a common denominator that we as humans all share – being human. It is our goal to be one of the first projects to introduce Asian illustrations to NFT lovers and anime lovers. Beyond the western NFT influence, we see the importance of diversification and the introduction of Asian style illustration like 2088:HUMANS to the space.

2088:HUMANS is going to be a blue-chip in NFT. With 2088:HUMANS, we got rid of whitelist and launched it fairly at an affordable price of 0.055 eth. We see the importance of community building and engagement, like the way crypto punks, BAYC and other blue-chip NFT projects have done. We want to do this project with a long-term commitment and goal to attract investors who truly believe in the prospect of this NFT project in the long run. This means building a strong community of HUMANS that grows and encourages one another. Investors and supporters invest in 2088:HUMANS because they believe in the quality of the project and its potential long-term.

The 2088:HUMANS team is committed and dedicated to run this project, supporting women and minorities, and everyone. Interesting fact: 2088:HUMANS tech lead is a female! In the future, we are looking forward to bringing 2088:HUMANS to the metaverse. With the artist’s experience and niche in the film industry, it is also our aim to have all 2088:HUMANS characters as part of the movie script that we want to fulfil at the end of our roadmap. All merch will also be FREE for HUMANS holder. 😉

If the amazing, intricate details in each HMNS and the dedicated ever-responsive dev and team do not sell you, I don’t know what will. We might not be overly hyped now. But mark our words, this wont be for long. 2088:HUMANS is here to stay and will run out of supply eventually. Now and forever, 2088:HUMANS will be on the Ethereum blockchain, breaking boundaries, rules and achieving the impossible. We will make that happen. Watch us.

The Artist behind 2088: Humans NFT

Let me start by saying I worship Banksy. That will more or less explain my anonymity. I wish the art to speak for itself, not the person behind it. I find comfort in knowing that NFT could be and should be about the art. But of course I can share a few things about myself. I’m an illustrator, film maker, and visual effects artist. Right now, I work as a visual effects supervisor in my own company, while pursuing the goal to release my own film on theatres.

During my professional career, I was in the visual effects team for Life of Pi, Sherlock Holmes, The Walking Dead, Dr.Who, and many more. I’m pretty sure if my colleagues read this, they will probably recognise who I am. I got into NFT because I believe this is one of the better ways for artists to connect directly with their audience without having to go thru any middleman. Kinda like street art, NFT is supposed to be rebellious like that.

Traditionally, for an art to reach their audience, it has to go thru a lot of layers, for example, art curators, editors, etc. In NFT, I see the freedom of creating without worrying about creative boundaries that sometimes aren’t even set by the artists themselves.

If your audience likes your art, they will support you. If they don’t, they will look for another project. It is that straight forward. To me, this feels more honest.

And, I enjoy this kind of honesty.

2088: Humans NFT Details

Website: https://humans2088.com/

Twitter: @2088humans

Contact Artist/Creator: YONG

Company Name: 2088: Humans

Source: https://humans2088.com/

Discord Invite : 2088 humans

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CxHCECEhYEw


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