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17 Memes From Your Childhood That Have Been Sold as NFTs

Several memes have been sold as NFTs. Many meme creators have taken the step of selling their memes as NFT and some have gathered big bucks with it.

17 Memes From Your Childhood That Have Been Sold as NFTs

Memes have been a part of the internet since a long time ago. They have seeped into every aspect of our lives. They cover anything from facial expressions to emotions to a wide variety of things. Almost anything can be made out as a meme. It’s this versatility of the memes that have caused them to become the most trending thing on the internet. They hold so much influence that they make a small thing popular and a big thing go down in the dumps.

There have been a lot of prominent memes such as the Doge, Charlie Bit My Finger, and so on which are known by almost the whole world. They have certainly left a mark on the internet and it will last forever.

Now memes have entered the blockchain as NFTs. Several memes have been sold as NFTs, passing genuine ownership from one person to other. Many meme creators have taken the step of selling their memes as NFT and some have gathered big bucks with it.

This article consists of lists of the major memes that have been sold as NFTs. Move on and see if you recognize all of them or not.

1 Nyan Cat NFT

Chris Torres is from where the onslaught of meme NFTs started in February 2021. He is behind the Nyan Cat mascot and was the first meme creator to market his creations as NFTs. On February 19th, 2021 he auctioned the Nyan Cat NFT and was sold for 300 ETH which was $587,241 at that time. He wrote on Twitter at the time of the sale that the sale had “opened up the floodgates to the future of meme economy in the Crypto universe.” Torres also lauded NFTs, asserting that they allowed creatives like himself to finally receive just compensation for their efforts.

2 Trollface NFT

Everyone knows Trollface and it can be easily said that it was the most famous meme since the early 2000s. On September 19, 2008, Carlos Ramirez created the illustration using Microsoft Paint. Before social media, the now-iconic image first garnered popularity on 4chan and other forum websites.

It appeared as though it would forever be free to go around online. Ramirez nevertheless maintained his claim to the original IP (intellectual property). He was able to make money from it as a result of using NFTs. It was put up for sale on 5th March 2021 and it was sold for 42 ETH or $69,362. The meme image is still available online for everyone but its IP is owned by someone.

3 Bad Luck Brian NFT

With other meme NFTs rising up in value, Bad Luck Brian was created by Ian Davies and Kyle Craven when they decided to try their hand at NFTs. They minted Bad Luck Brian which was sold for 20 ETH or $37,442 on 8th March 2021. This popular “top text, bottom text” meme image features Craven in a real school photo. It has been disseminated through internet culture for more than ten years at this point.

4 Grumpy Cat NFT

The Grumpy Cat meme is also a major force when it comes to memes. The meme is of an adorable cat named Tardar Sauce of Arizona and she lived with her owner Tabatha Bundesen. After Bundesen uploaded a picture to Reddit on September 23, 2012, the cat attained broad notoriety. “Meet Grumpy Cat” was the only message on the picture. And not only did it stand the test of time, but it also developed into a full-fledged brand. The meme was sold as an NFT on 13th March 2021 and it sold for 44.2 ETH or $78,135.

The feline soon rose to the position of “spokescat” for Friskies, appeared in the Lifetime holiday special “Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever,” and had a book published about her that debuted at No. 7 on The New York Times bestseller list. In May 2019, Grumpy Cat passed away. She does, however, continue to live her life online and as an NFT on the blockchain.

5 Keyboard Cat NFT

The Keyboard Cat meme is one that everyone knows and has shared a laugh with it a million times perhaps. Charlie Schmidt recorded Keyboard Cat in 1984 using a Betacam. The keyboard cat whose true name was Fatso died in 1987. It was after several years that the Keyboard cat became a meme. Schmidt uploaded the film to YouTube for the first time almost 20 years later, in 2007.

It was mostly unknown until Brad O’Farrell included it at the conclusion of a blooper video in 2009, at which point the meme gained popularity. Keyboard Cat was so well-known that he served as the inspiration for commercials, a Green Day cover, and the halftime show for the 2014 Puppy Bowl. The Keyboard Cat NFT was sold for 33.5501 ETH or $64,445 on 13th March 2021.

6 Scumbag Steve NFT

The Scumbag Steve meme features a 16-year-old Blake Boston. Susan Boston, Boston’s mother, captured the picture in 2006. After that, it was posted to MySpace, where a meme was created. The meme may have gotten popular, but Blake actually suffered more because of it. He claimed that others harassed him online after finding out his real name, phone number, Facebook page, and other personal information. The image was coined and sold as an NFT by Boston on 13th March 2021 and it fetched him $54,205.

7 Creepy Chan NFT

2BCC4FP English: self portrait of Allison Harvard AKA Creepy-chan 2005; 2005;; Allison Harvrd;

Characterized as Creepy Chan, Allison Harvard is an artist located in Los Angeles. After posting her images on 4Chan in 2005, she immediately became a meme. The meme gained Harvard some little notoriety since it was so well-liked. She eventually developed into something of an E-girl archetype as a result, and in 2009, she was a competitor on the reality television program America’s Next Top Model.

As NFTs, there were two Creepy Chan NFTs and it was sold on 3rd April 2021. The #1 of Creepy Chan was sold for 35 ETH or $70,321 and #2 was sold for 40 ETH $80,367.

8 Overly Attached Girlfriend NFT

The Overly Attached Girlfriend meme to which most guys can relate to has been around for around a decade making people smirk. The video was made by Laina Morris to enter a contest that Justin Bieber ran where he invited people to make a “girlfriend” version of his song “Boyfriend.” The video acquired notoriety after it was posted to Reddit after being uploaded to YouTube.

With the viral phenomenon Morris’ career as a YouTuber started, where she amassed more than 1.2 million subscribers over the years. Morris did, however, declare her YouTube retirement in July 2019. She stated in the statement that despair and anxiety were the main factors in her decision. It was one of the first YouTube memes to be offered for sale as an NFT in 2021. The NFT was sold for 200 ETH on 3rd April 2021.

9 Success Kid NFT

The famed Success Kid meme was sold as an NFT on 10th April 2021 for 15ETH or $32,258. The popular meme was yet another pioneer of the “top text, bottom text” meme era. The meme was created as a result of Laney Griner’s unsuccessful attempts to take a cheerful photo of her son Sam, who was then 11 months old.

10 Leave Britney Alone NFT

One of the earliest viral videos to get widespread notice and national coverage was “Leave Britney Alone”. Some even claim that it was the first YouTube video to truly go viral. Chris Crocker initially shared it in September 2007 on MySpace. In the video, Crocker begs tabloids and mainstream media to stop covering Britney Spears, who at the time seemed to be experiencing a mental health crisis.

From there, more people promptly posted the movie to several YouTube channels. Over two million views in less than 24 hours for the emotional monologue were a record at the time. Crocker said in interviews that they were harassed in public and that they frequently got threats of death. They were widely derided for their video. On 11th April 2021, Crocker sold it as an NFT and amassed 18.6942 ETH or $42,971.

11 Disaster Girl NFT

The Disaster Girl meme is the meme that brought the most laughs out on the internet. This meme was a major event on the internet and thousands of memes of it circled around the internet. In the meme, a 4-year-old Zoe Roth is shown watching a house fire in her community in January 2005. The photo that is being presented is a portion of a collection that Roth’s father, who was with her throughout the fire, took. Not until 2008 would the image start to circulate and become popular.

The meme has been sold as an NFT for 180 ETH or $417,241 on 17th April 2021.

12 Charlie Bit My Finger NFT

Charlie Bit My Finger is probably the most enjoyable video to exist. Harry Davies-Carr, then three years old, and Charlie Davies-Carr were depicted in the 2007 YouTube posting (aged one). The boys’ father, Howard Davies-Carr, claimed he recorded the video and uploaded it so their grandfather could see it. Around 900 million people have watched the video.

On the blockchain, the video took on a new existence last year. It was sold for 389 ETH or $760,999 on 23rd May 2021. The two brothers’ educational expenses are said to have been paid for using the sale’s revenues. The brothers are more than able to pay for their schooling given that the NFT transaction generated six figures of money. Although the Davies-Carr family removed the video from YouTube to emphasize the one-of-a-kindness and rarity of the 1/1 NFT. 

13 Harambe NFT

The gorilla behind this meme was Harambe who was a 17-year-old Western lowland gorilla, who lived at the Cincinnati Zoo. After a three-year-old boy entered the Gorilla World enclosure and was dragged by Harambe, zoo personnel killed Harambe on May 28th, 2016. This was sold for 30.3 ETH or $86,537 on 3rd June 2021.

Media coverage of the incident was extensive due to the widespread outrage over the murder. In the end, the incident made Harambe into a meme. Notably, this NFT sale involved a photograph taken by Jeff McCurry, the official photographer for Harambe, rather than a specific meme-related image.

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14 Doge NFT

There is not a person on the internet who hasn’t seen the Doge meme. The meme began with a picture of Kabosu, a Shiba Inu. On February 13, 2010, Atsuko Sato, the dog’s owner, took the picture. This particular image of Kabosu swiftly became popular after being uploaded to Sato’s blog among other now-famous pictures. It is also the face of the Elon Musk-backed Dogecoin.

Sato stated that “I took the photos to update my blog. I take a lot of pictures every day, so that day was nothing out of the ordinary. Kabosu loves having her photo taken, so she was delighted to have the camera pointed towards her.” Doge was sold as an NFT for 1,696.9 ETH which is $3,990,094 on 11th June 2021. This is easy atop the most expensive meme NFTs.

15 Friendship Ended with Mudasir NFT

This one meme surely made a whole lot of people chuckle. It is a stupid yet hilarious meme. Muhammad Asif Raza rose to prominence on September 13, 2015, after he posted a photoshop image of himself criticizing his previous best buddy while simultaneously presenting his current one. Before making its way to almost every other social media site, Raza uploaded the image on Facebook. This started a domino effect of “friendship ended” posts. On Facebook, the original post received almost 47,000 reactions, 56,000 shares, and 27,000 comments.

Raza sold the NFT for 20 ETH which is $51,128 on 1st August 2021.

16 Side Eyeing Chloe NFT

Side Eyeing Chloe is another well-known meme that fetched thousands of dollars with its sale as an NFT. On September 12, 2013, Katie Clem uploaded a video of her two daughters reacting to a surprise trip to Disneyland.

In the video, the older sister, Lily Clem, breaks into tears of joy. However, the reaction of her younger sister, Chloe Clem, is far different. Chloe flashes a disinterested look at her mom. This side-eye look quickly gained traction on social media and is still seen as one of the most influential memes of the 2010s.

The meme was sold as an NFT on 24th September 2021 and it fetched 25 ETH or $73,271.

17 Why You Always Lying NFT

Why You Always Lying might not have been intended to exist as a meme. It started when Nicholas Fraser, a content creator, shot a little music video in August 2015 to the tune of the American R&B band Next’s 1997 track “Too Close.” After being posted to Vine, Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram, the video swiftly gained popularity. Fraser who is seen smiling in a shot from the video became a meme and gained a lot of popularity.

The NFT meme was sold for 25 ETH or $93,653 on 17th October 2021.


Well, anything can be sold as an NFT. It was evident that memes would’ve entered the NFT space and they did with grace. As mentioned above, several meme NFTs have been sold for soaring high prices. Memes are one of the most famous things on the internet. Also, there are a lot of memes of NFTs which have contributed a bit to spread the word about NFTs around.

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