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10 best play-to-earn IDO launchpads

The crypto world is an everchanging and ever-evolving unique sphere. Now and then, new things are being updated in the crypto world. IGO launchpads come as the latest and most prominent launchpads in the crypto domain. The term IGO or entire form Initial Game Offering is a procedure for financing blockchain games. While assisting creators in raising more money for the game project, it allows players early access to games, their assets, and NFTs.

An IGO launchpad is a platform specifically for early-stage blockchain gaming projects. The IGO launchpad prioritizes games more than any other aspect. The partakers or participants get the opportunity to obtain the game’s tokens and NFTs early on. Although, this rests upon the game’s initiative.

Furthermore, in certain circumstances, the NFTs and tokens that the participants have obtained from IGOs can be traded outside of the game’s conditions and domain on decentralized exchanges and NFT marketplaces.

Now that we have been aware of the notable IGO launchpads, what are the best IGO launchpads that exist? Well, this article has got it covered. This article features the top ten IGO launchpads.

10. DAO Maker

The DAO maker is a platform focused on retail and funds start-ups. It makes it possible for many retail investors and regular people to invest in venture capital. The DAO Pad is a multi-investment platform that grants access to the DAO token holders to early-stage token sales of a new project and this Pad is the company’s flagship show.

The DAO Maker platform along with the DAO Pad product brings forth various services to newly developing blockchain-based projects. These include social mining, one of the company’s signature products, operations and advising services, and incubator services.

The participants will have to use “DAO Power” to qualify themselves to take part in DAO Maker’s launchpad. The users can either supply liquidity for DAO pairs to exchange the LP token for DAO Power at a 1:1.5 ratio or stake the DAO token and swap for DAO Power at a 1:1 ratio. The users can also gather DAO Power after locking their DAO for 5 days.

The better your position with the more DAO Power. With high DAO Power users have a high probability of scoring a whitelist slot as trench order climbs resulting in a decrease in the number of holders in each tranche.

DAO Maker platform has crowdfunded gaming projects such as Dragon SB, Infinity Skies, KingdomX, Meta Gaming Guild, MetaGods, Spellfire, Street Runner, etc.

DAO Maker provides robust flagship services that support dynamic coin offerings and a range of advantageous incentives, including social mining to create opportunities to earn rewards and its own native token DAO that enables its owner to take part in token sale events.

9. Red Kite

Red Kite is a PolkaFoundry-powered IGO launchpad and Defi platform. This platform provides an opportunity for developers and content producers to put forward their ideas to the gaming community. In addition to providing pools for Polygon, BSC, and Ethereum, Red Kite is now testing Polkadot pools on the PolkaFoundry testnet in an effort to become the first Polkadot launchpad with customizable pool types and whitelist requirements.

The Red Kite platform features a bot system that is always tracking the activities of players and gives the player’s reputation points based on their efforts and activities. A reputation of a player determines their tier and chances to take part in upcoming launches. They also utilize a lane-based swap system which works to provide equal chances for all the participants to take part in IGOs by looking at their tier. This also avoids gas wars and provides opportunities in a just manner.

The platform also has its token called ‘PKF’. The token holders get early access to events before everyone else. They can get discounted early access to special token sales before projects are released to the market.

Red Kite platform has crowdfunded gaming projects like Dragon War, Epic War, Rebel Bots, MetaRun, Legends of Mitra, Kingdom Karnage, RainMaker Games, and many more. Red Kite has also funded projects such as Humanity, Rainmaker, Revolve, and The Killbox

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The Red Kite launchpad platform manually evaluates each application before accepting it, with the goal of only partnering with the most promising cryptocurrency startups.

8. Game Zone

GameZone comes as an IGO launchpad for GameFi games. Players can enjoy NFT Play-to-Earn games developed on all major blockchains, such as Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, and Ethereum, from a specific location owing to the platform. The platform also contains a complex tier system for investors. The game has a token called GZONE, and by staking it participants can get their hands on new play-to-earn games, beta versions, NFT airdrops, and lotteries.

The higher the number of GZONE tokens you stake, the higher your pool weight will be. This will also increase your access to additional features and can access events early on. If you are on the higher tier then you will get greater allocation packages. This can comprise more NFTs, rare NFTs, more tokens, or a more beneficial ratio of NFT to token.

Through the GameZone grant program, high-potential early-stage gaming initiatives can get funding as well as full access to BlueZilla’s extensive network and resources, including its legal, marketing, technological, and advisory solutions.

With the tier-based mechanism, GameZone equally divides the opportunities among users to catch early stakes in the most exclusive blockchain-enabled games. With this the platform also rewards allocations.

GameZone has crowdfunded several games including Dotpad, Pax World, Verve, Marvelous NFTs, Revomon, and many more.

7. ROCO Finance

ROCO Finance comes off as a fully decentralized GameFi platform that links gamers, game developers, and content creators to blockchain services. Their major objective is to help developers successfully list and launch their cryptocurrency games and coins. The ROCO Finance platform brings down the entrance barriers for interested players with the combination of blockchain technology infrastructure with game solutions. To participate in an IGO you must first complete an identity verification through the Know Your Customer procedure.

The platform also has its tokens called ROCO tokens, which you will have to stake in the pool of IGO, and then only you can participate in the IGO. Voting is also required to get a chance to participate in the forthcoming IGOs.

This platform also provides an Avalanche blockchain game called Rise Online. It also provides the game’s utility and access to game development tools. Additionally, notable investors like Huobi Capital and Alameda Research have shown interest in the game.

For game producers and gaming communities, ROCO also offers NFT services, such as management, distribution, and exchange of virtual goods. Through this platform, players can use their digital wallets to include actual money. They can change their in-game profits to real-world currency and real-world currency to in-game currency as well.

ROCO has crowdfunded games such as:



Rise Online

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Heroes of NFT

Tale Craft





6. Playpad

PlayPad comes as a multi-chain IGO platform that is used for play-to-earn programs and virtual reality games. PlayPad can host any project with Ethereum EVM support regardless of chain, in contrast to other platforms that concentrate on certain chains. This IGO launchpad supports the Polygon, Ethereum, and BSC networks.

The thing which sets PlayPad apart from other IGO launchpads is that it supports VR games and NFT-based projects specifically. The platform can be used to finance and support the creation of metaverse video games for VR headsets like the HTC Vive Pro 2 and Meta Quest 2. This platform also allows independent game developers to sell in-game assets as NFTs. This also pioneers new methods for the funding of project owners.

The platform includes a tier system as well. With this, the IGO procedure becomes more convenient and unbiased. The platform also has its own token ‘PPAD’. The PPAD token can be used for staking in the pool managed by the PlayPad.

To get access to the PlayPad Launchpad, a user is required to stake a certain amount of PPAD tokens. Most tier systems take each participant’s stake in tokens into account when determining eligibility to participate in an IGO. Also, the number of times a user is staking the token is monitored by the PlayPads DQ allocation system. With this, a participant’s possibility of getting participation in an IGO are increased.

PlayPad has crowdfunded for games including:



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Nomad Exiles

5. Enjin Starter

The Enjin Starter comes as a platform for gaming projects on the metaverse and blockchain. In its development, Enjin’s Jumpnet Blockchain was utilized. It has nary a petrol fee which is an awesome benefit. The Enjin Starter platform supports carbon-negative non-financial tokens (NFTs) and smart contracts as well. The game developers are financed for their creativity and innovation through the sale of NFTs which are based on Enjin commodities.

Furthermore, game developers are allowed to sell NFTs to earn income for their projects established on Enjin commodities. The platform is guided by Enjin’s CEO and CTO who are veterans of NFTs and crypto gaming. They come with a lot of experience in blockchain technology including the gaming business. Enjin also has its hands on popular games such as Minecraft and is famous for its integrated game modules.

Enjin Starter is the incentive for all Enjin games. Both simple and complex games can benefit from Enjinstarter. Contrarily, Enjin provides much more difficult games, including AAA-style MMORPGs like Dungeon Universe. A person has to go through the KYC process to join an IGO and stake tokens.

Among the video game projects crowdfunded by Enjin Starter are:

Age of Tanks



Gaia Everworld

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Project Defina

4. Gamestarter

A prominent IGO launchpad is the Gamestarter. This specific launchpad mostly pursues NFT games. Gamestarter is one of the most advanced layer-2 systems. Gamestarter IGO launchpad is a crowdfunding platform on grounds of blockchain. This launchpad authorizes independent game developers to pre-sell the in-game assets using NFTs, therefore helping them with raising funds. Every asset such as armor, weapons, avatar, and many more within the game will be shown as an NFT.

Gamestarter includes the cryptocurrency token GAME which is based on Ethereum. With a GAME token, a user can purchase anything such as an NFT asset and commodities which are included in the network. The primary incentive supporting Gamestarter’s operation is the GAME token.

With every approaching IGO, a lottery is held to choose the ones who will participate. Therefore, a user will have higher chances of winning an allotment with increasing stakes of GAME tokens. Although, every user who has staked more than 5,000 GAME tokens, gets an assured allocation. Therefore is also a legendary level that gives a more surefire assured allocation.

Gamestarter has completed a lot of projects, and many more are either in development or just getting ready to go on pre-sale.

Crowdfunded video game projects on Gamestarter include:


Moo Monster


Dark Frontiers


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Project Seed

Gamestarter is an excellent platform that imparts valuable options for independent game developers. This platform is a great help for them to get funds and make their creativity awaken. It also provides equivalent opportunities to one and all to purchase and invest the GAME tokens in every crypto game which is originated in the platform.

3. Seedify

Seedify comes as a GameFi IGO launchpad meant for Binance Smart Chain-based blockchain games. This launchpad was developed in 2021 by a team of blockchain experts, and it has since finished several productive IGOs.

The platform has its own SFUND token. The members can invest in a project using SFUND tokens by depositing them in a pool. By staking the SFUND a member can achieve extra tokens as passive income. The SFUND can also be utilized for projects that have caught the user’s attention. This will raise the worth of SFUND further and additionally provides the token with a benefit.

This platform also features a tier system. The tier system gives out rewards for investing tokens. It includes a total of nine tiers. Each tier has an active pool and the users have to deposit their SFUND. The elevated you are in terms of tier, the more weight you add to the pool and the more SFUND tokens you possess. Tier 1 contains a random pool. Whereas, tier 2 to tier 9 features assured pools. The more money you invest in a project, the greater the tier you will be in.

The platform requires verification of the user. Before a user can take part in an IGO on this platform, they will have to go through a confirmation process where they have to confirm their ID through the Know Your Customer or KYC protocol. Purchasing of the tokens is also necessary and a wallet is needed to store the tokens.

The community decides whether to support initiatives through its governance policies. Assistance is also provided with marketing and community development. In essence, the Seedify launchpad offers a venue for aspiring cryptocurrency entrepreneurs to present their gaming-related concepts. This platform permits aspiring entrepreneurs and innovators to put forward their efforts. Their works are then checked and examined by the community. If the examination goes smoothly and achieves positive results the work will get seed financing.

The Seedify platform has crowdfunded several gaming projects such as

Cyber Trade

Heros Chained


Penguin Karts

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Space Misfits

The Parallel

World of Defish



2. GameFi

The GameFi is a launchpad developed by a Vietnamese team. The said team is also credited for the success of Red Kite Launchpad. The GameFi is an IGO launchpad that comes with resources dedicated to the assistance with the success of games. This launchpad gives its members a lot of options when it comes to Pools. So, more choices for the members. The slot value varies depending on the pool. This platform favors the ones who come the earliest and the winner obtains a position in the IGO.

The GameFi IGO Launchpad utilizing blockchain networks such as Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Solana, and Polygon, has so far launched 13 game projects. Projects like Yield Guilds, Aggregator, Marketplace, and Accelerator are part of GameFi’s ecosystem.

The GameFi launchpad has successfully crowdfunded game projects such as:

Rebel Bots

Gunstar Metaverse



Legends of Elumia

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Polygonum Online

The Killbox Game

Titan Hunters

GameFi also includes its native coin known as GAFI. The ‘GAFI’ comes with a lot of functions, one of them being passive revenue staking. Staking GAFI is essential for all the members if they wish to take part in an IGO.

You must first stake GAFI on the corporate website to participate in a GameFi IGO. As a result, you will be able to increase your level. You must start from scratch and must stake GAFI your way up to Rookie, then Elite, Pro, and eventually Legend. Due to the unique benefits of each group, there must be more GAFI and larger stakes.

It also features a lot of IGO options. From community to actual IGO to a private sale as well. Therefore the project can choose and do whatever they want. Purchasing mystery boxes are also included. By purchasing a mystery box, you can contribute more to the IGO. Therefore, you will get an NFT for the game and can invest much more in the game’s token.

1. UniX Gaming

When it comes to gaming platforms, one of the leading of all is the UniX Gaming. This is a gaming community and a platform that is moving forward to become the finest gaming group or community in the Play-to-earn industry. Its community has garnered over 200k members, 20 eSports teams, and over 27 million stream viewers.

The Unix gaming platform has its IGO Launchpad under the works and might be released soon. Judging by its community this IGO launchpad is showing the potential for being the best IGO launchpad platform.

The UniX IGO launchpad will provide the members of its community a look-in into the latest and yet-to-be-released AAA games before the populace. This will allow the participants of the community to gain access to the exceptional games existing on the blockchain, that too, at a very good deal.

The UniX gaming platform and community has remarkable partnerships with the leading names in the gaming industry. Some are:

The Sandbox
League of Elumia
Engines of Fury
Big Time
Star Atlas
Monkey League

Access to the UniX launchpad comes in various levels. The number of tokens that the community invests in will determine the level of access to the launchpad. There are five different classifications:

1. Common

The common tier is available to everyone who has staked at least 2,000 UniX tokens. The members in this level will be accessed a lottery where they will receive IGO tokens. The common members will receive a pool weight of 30 in course of the pre-sale as well.

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2.  Uncommon

This level or rank is accessible to those who have staked 5,000 tokens. The ones in this rank will be taken up to a lottery for token allotment. They will have a greater chance of receiving token allotment as their pool weight will be increased to 65. Moreover, the members of the uncommon rank will have first access to the accessories of the game such as clothing and products.

3. Rare

The members who stake 20,000 tokens will be included in the rare tier. They will also have an assured token allocation in lieu of a lottery, unlike the common and uncommon levels. Additionally, the rare level members will have an increased pool weight of 145. The rare tier members will have early access to the NFT drops, merchandise, and game gear.

4. Epic

The Epic tier is accessible to the members who have staked 50,000 tokens. A whopping 400 pool weight is also granted to the members of the Epic tier. They also receive early access to the games along with merchandise, NFT, etc. An assured token allocation is also added to the benefits of the members of the Epic tier.

5. Legendary

The Legendary level is home to the members who have staked 100,000 tokens. The benefits of the members of this level are justifiable with the name of the level. In lieu of pool weight, the Legendary members have an assured 700+ private allocation in the IGO. The members of the Legendary tier receive all of the in-game rewards from the early access period as well as two brand-new incentives and NFT drops, gear, and commodities. The Legendary members are also accessible to a private discussion with the original game developers and access to the NFT treasury is both available.


A lot of platforms have been produced for the easiness of funding, investing, promotion, and many more for games in the crypto world. These games meet the required level of exposure. The more the crypto world has been evolving it has been taking turns for the better. The IGO launchpads that have been listed above are finest and the most prominent ones in the crypto world.

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